Black Friday Five

As posted by reverendmother at RevGalBlogPals, this is a "Black Friday" Five (aka Buy Nothing Day) in honor of the busiest
shopping day of the year:

1. Would you ever/have you ever stood in line
for something–tickets, good deals on electronics, Tickle Me Elmo?

In the post-divorce years before Pure Luck came into my life, I once arose before dawn on Thanksgiving Friday to go electronics shopping with a gentleman friend. Never again. It was frightening!

The Very Little Princess received her Tickle-Me-Elmo from her dad, who had a friend with a part-time job at Wally World. No parents were harmed in acquiring it. (He has long since become a favorite toy for our dogs.)

2. Do
you enjoy shopping as a recreational activity?

In bookstores and yarn stores, yes. With St. Casserole, yes. Otherwise, I’m a surgical shopper. I know what I’m looking for, get in and get out.

3. Your favorite place to
browse without necessarily buying anything.

Antique shops. St. Casserole and I visited one in New Orleans last winter, and in the end I bought some old chandelier prisms for The Princess, but I really purchased them as a courtesy to the hurricane survivor store owner. I wonder if he’s managed to remain there?

4. Gift cards: handy gifts
for the loved one who has everything, or cold impersonal symbol of all that is
wrong in our culture?

Mostly the latter, although I have received some I’ve appreciated, I guess. And my brother and family get them for my kids, because they see each other so infrequently it’s hard to know what they will want. I haven’t given in yet with his daughters, but for his son (now 14) I did a gift card last year. What I don’t like are the ones that expire. That is EVIL.

5. Discuss the spiritual and theological issues
inherent in people coming to blows over a Playstation 3.

It suggests to me that society is on the verge of crumbling, that despite statistics that suggest otherwise, the vast majority of people have no sense of anything existing beyond our material existence, and that even the First World is a random and dangerous place to live.

How about you? Shopping today? Or boycotting? We’re hoping to take a Christmas card picture of the kids and dogs, and may go to see the new James Bond movie later. I’ve finally got time to read The Time Traveler’s Wife, and I’m really enjoying it. I’m also hoping to finally make that squash soup. That really doesn’t leave time for shopping, does it?

23 thoughts on “Black Friday Five”

  1. Oooh, I said Antique Stores too! Come visit me in AZ — we have great antique stores here, due to the high retirement population! Have a great day. My mom is going to watch the kids this afternoon so dh & I can go for a late anniversary lunch! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I would have loved to have gotten a picture of the family, but we had key folks missing ๐Ÿ™ – that will more than likely occur every other year. I would love to see your family picture!
    BTW, we had similar answers – however, am easily swayed in a yarn shop. I try to go in there with an “I’m broke” attitude. Doesn’t always work.

  3. Well, that attitude is working for me today, after figuring out that the $5 a month for text messaging on #1 Son’s phone also generates an Internet charge. Mama’s not happy.

  4. I predicted the Yarn Shop answer for you as I opened your blog but not the Antique Shop. The best part of Friday Five is you learn something new…We got our Christmas Card Photo taken yesterday, complete with our new puppy. Hope yours goes well!

  5. No shopping today. So happy! K would browse in antique shops forever if I could stand it. And gift cards, well I hated them until this year when K’s sister suggested that we do our gift exchange with them. We’re to pick the most interesting place or service or whatever we can think of and get a $20 gift card. Then we’ll do it like a white elephant gift exchange, complete with swaps and everything. Might be fun.

  6. I’m not sure if this counts as shopping, exactly, but I took the Christmas Card picture of the kids today (have to do it while #1 Son is home, and I don’t have the younger children tomorrow), then took a CD with the picture of choice to CVS and made the cards. This was mostly in case the picture didn’t reproduce well, because the window of opportunity for taking more is small.
    And now I am really being challenged to hold back Christmas, because the wreath I ordered from the Scout Troop that meets at church is due to be delivered momentarily. What am I to do with it but hang it on the door?

  7. No shopping today. Dad and Stepmom are up from Alabama — took them to the Chihuly exhibit at the Botanical Garden.
    I never shop on Black Friday. Long ago I would occasionally get bored enough to go out late in the afternoon for recreational shopping, but that’s not really possible any more, is it?
    1. I presume you mean “in the dark at some unnatural hour or for days.” No.
    2. I used to shop recreationally, but a reduction in discretionary income due to the aging of both my children and my domicile no longer make that a typical recreational activity. We met my husband at the pizza place at the mall last month because we were going to Sears after jeans and chinos for the boys and he said, “We haven’t done this in ages!”
    3. “Antique” shops. But not the real ones, with multi-thousand-dollar items.
    4. Gift cards are the best thing in the world to get, but I still feel weird giving them. I tend to send them to folks I don’t know really well, other than that they can use a card from the bookstore / Best Buy / Target.
    5. The mind boggles, and then just shuts down. Sorry.

  8. Celebrating Buy Nothing Day. So restful! A package was delivered today that I suppose I could have opened as the buying was done a week or so ago, but I am postponing that pleasure until tomorrow.
    Enjoying the relief from the tension headache I had for 3 days before Thanksgiving (cooked turkey for 4 and had dessert buffet for several more family members…no idea why this made me tense — in fact it wasn’t until after the fact that I realized that was what the headache was!)

  9. I completely forgot antique stores in my response … thanks for the reminder ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m enjoying the no shopping fever today and the rest of the weekend. Whew …

  10. I can’t say I’m celebrating buy nothing day, but I’ve never seen the point of spending any day shopping, and certainly not a fabulous day off. No mall shopping for me if I can help it any day.
    That said, I love browsing in antique stores or thrift shops (with stuff, not clothes) when we are just wandering about on an urban walk.

  11. does the antique store say something about the age of Rev Gals? Surely not!!! I like them too. There are some great ones in Tallinn

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