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Things My Children Wish They Could Eat

(This post is rated PVG, for Potential Vegan/Vegetarian Grossout. Non meat-eaters strongly cautioned.)

This morning Pure Luck took the dogs out for a walk at the Posh Neighboring Town Nature Preserve. He reported that they were frisky right out of the car, running wildly through the woods as if someone *very* interesting had been there ahead of them.

They had been out and around on one of the trails and were heading back when all of them noticed movement along the fenceline bordering the preserve. Molly took off and Pure Luck barely managed to grab Sam as they all saw an impressive buck and his does running by.

Molly, who tires faster and was already well-exercised, came back.

Sam looked disappointed still when they returned home, and I could swear he was telling me, "Mom, I really tried to get my deer! I know I could have gotten one! I know it!"

Later, at dinner, we heard that one of the young cousins is going to her boyfriend’s house tomorrow for a second Thanksgiving celebration, where they will be serving a Turducken. I had to ask what in the world that was?

Someone patiently explained.

When they were finished, #1 Son said, "I’m waiting for a HorsePigEn."

12 thoughts on “Things My Children Wish They Could Eat”

  1. One of the biggest awakenings I had that I now lived in the country was when one pre-Sunday School conversation revolved around a deer that had been hit… and then kept for them meat.
    I’m sorry, you can try to explain it to me all you want, but I what I hear is ‘roadkill buffet’.

  2. Yesterday there were three deer in my back yard. They were lovely–I’m sure Sam and Molly would’ve had a field day out there!
    I did eat turkey today, but no deer–or turducken– for me, thanks.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I first heard about turducken last year on Paula Deen’s cooking show. I love turkey, duck, and chicken so I’m thinking I could like this. It just never occurred to me before to serve them all at the same time – together.
    We had a delicious deep-fried turkey this year. Yum!

  4. The horse thing is a constant refrain with Pure Luck who says, “They look delicious!” Um, whatever. Not to me. But the turducken, once cooked, kind of does, I have to say. I just wouldn’t ever be the person who could assemble one.

  5. Mr. S would like nothing so much as a deep-fried turducken at his thesis-defense party. I have no idea how to do it, or where you get a kosher duck, to start. I was a vegetarian! I was!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you too (somewhat late).

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