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Some months ago, I blogged about a person in the news. I am not going to name her here or tell you what she did, but I will say that in the weeks that followed, while she was a hot topic, my traffic count went from about 150 readers a day to 683 (give or take).

Over the past 8 months I have built up to an average of a little over 200. When I see a spike, I know this person is back in the news again.

Today’s e-mail and comments brought some really angry people to my usually friendly blog and to my Inbox, too.

I’ve considered deleting the post, but instead decided to close the comments (and delete one of them) and post a warning. You see, I’m not interested in reading abusive diatribes. And if you think I need to "get a life" rather than reflecting on what’s happening in the world, you may consider that you have the same need yourself. And if you can’t see that I was essentially sympathetic to the person in question, you need to read the piece again.

It’s too bad, because along the way I heard from people whose stories connected to hers, and my heart goes out to each of them.

I may write again about living in the general category of family in which she lived. But I won’t type her name again. I’ll just pray for her instead. And I’ll think twice before blogging again about a popular topic.

24 thoughts on “Popular Topics”

  1. Dang…I only average about 40. And I figure 20 of those is me *snickers*. I feel like I missed something but that is alright.
    Why can’t people just behave. Kick them in the shins songbird! We have your back.

  2. I love that the concern is about the amount of traffic from the previous posts. It fits with that desire to be heard and cherished.
    But, I wantd to encourage you to be prophetic. There is nothing wrong with talking about the tough stuff and usually when the reaction is harsh, it means that it actually matters. Preach it sister.

  3. Now I’m trying to remember who you wrote about. And 200 hits a day? Dang girl, you’re the most popular girl in school!

  4. This isn’t a problem that’s come up for me a lot, but I don’t think there are any apologies or explanations necessary if you decide to close or delete comments. This is your space; you don’t have to entertain abuse. I delete comments from strangers for far less than that.

  5. Those comments remind me of how, if you ever look at a Yahoo! news story and then at the little thing at the bottom that says “discuss” – you get some of the most uninformed, bizarre, insane people writing utter and total crap. Who has this kind of time?
    Not me.

  6. I have gotten tons of really negative and hateful comments — and also negative and hateful emails — from blog posts that I don’t think are even that controversial. It used to bother me, but now I just shrug and delete them.

  7. I posted the lectionary scripture in both KJV and NRSV and got a lot of hate stuff from the KJV only crowd. Go figure.
    I’m with you too, songbird. You have nothing to feel bad about any of your posts. This is your space after all.

  8. WEll the things some people will do to get more traffic 🙂
    I would leave a blogstone but after a previous discussion on this blog about that combination of keystrokes I am not sure I should….

  9. What total jerks!
    First, where do they get off attacking you for reflecting on a public event? Disagree with me, fine. Disrespect me, there’s the internet equivalent of the door, pal.
    Second, clearly we RGBP’s both are people and know people that these nattering nabobs of negativism don’t want to get on the bad side of. St. C, Cheesehead and I have walked three abreast before down a wide sidewalk once already this year, and I swore I heard strains of “Jet Song” from West Side Story…and we were in a good mood. 🙂
    In short, Your.back.covered.
    Much love, fabulousness and fierceness.

  10. I admire your forthright response and your cleverness in dealing with it. Excellent example. And if the posse is mounting, I’m in too – of course in a non-violent sort of way. 🙂

  11. I’m glad that you wrote such a wonderful piece about a sensitive subject. Your experience teaches us all about the risks of this public forum. If people read your piece closely they would see that you were not judging but pointing out more about the grace of God. Sorry that you had to experience some pain through this post. We’ll support you through it all!

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