Thanksgiving De-Lurking Week

DelurkThis inspiring notion came from our friend Mindy, who noted that blog comments seem to be down, and comes to you from RevGalBlogPals.

If you’re reading, but not commenting, unveil yourself!

I know I’m thankful for the community I’ve developed by blogging, both those I’ve met in person and those who remain, for now, cyber-friends. I also know that when things get busy, I’m guilty of reading but not commenting.

I get plenty of comments, so I’m not begging for more, although you are certainly welcome to identify yourselves, gentle readers. But take this one further and go de-lurk somewhere else, too.
You don’t have to be a RevGalBlogPal to do this. I hope you’ll all revel in revealing and in Thanksgiving, too!

And here’s a Thanksgiving bonus story:

This morning we took time in worship, silent time without music, which is daring, in my opinion, for each person to write a list of five things he or she was thankful for today. Then I invited people to share, wondering if anyone would say anything.  Here are a few of the things that happened. Six elementary aged girls (no Sunday School for them today) all wanted to come to the microphone and  read their lists. An 8th-grader, the only girl in her age bracket, came up and said she was thankful for the friends she has made in the church. A preacher’s kid around my age came forward to say how thankful she was that children felt comfortable enough in our church to speak, and to ask to speak again. My student thanked the church for welcoming him and his partner, and his partner echoed this, then said he was thankful to God for bringing my student into his life. The mom of a young boy gave thanks for those who are willing to serve in our armed forces, even though she doesn’t agree with the war. And a man in his fifties, who hopes to move from the city shelter to a shelter for homeless vets, thanked us for welcoming him back to the church where he was baptized, and for welcoming the two friends he brought with him.

No one behaved as if any of these things were surprising or shocking. We all just beamed.

And I am thankful for that.

37 thoughts on “Thanksgiving De-Lurking Week”

  1. Thta sounds like a wonderful service you had.
    Amie is fine, thanks, and says to tell Sam and Molly ARRF!
    (She really does say “arf”!)

  2. I’m not sure what lurking is, but I almost always comment where ever I visit. I just don’t visit much 🙁
    Sounds like your gratitude cards worked out great!

  3. This sounds similar to what happened at our place yesterday–except we wrote out cards after “More Cows than People’s” idea…
    That silence thing you did is a regular ingredient of our worship–we are Quakers after all;)

  4. I haven’t commented in a while but I do love reading your blog and hearing about how things are going in your life – Pure Luck, the kids, the dogs (so glad to hear that both pooches are healthy again after their trials & tribulations). Plus, I always like taking a peek at what’s on your reading table. 🙂 How are you liking “The Time Traveler’s Wife”?

  5. What a lovely service it must have been. We had a guest preacher yesterday who is starting a new church in West End, a once thriving area of Birmingham that has been sliding into poverty for decades. He challenged us to look beyond “our convenient Lexus cages” and to live in community with the poor who are all around us (downtown church). It was inspiring.

  6. Hi!
    La Binsk, I’ve read exactly five pages. The book group meets next Monday, so I expect to read it over the weekend, when I will blessedly have Thursday, Friday and Saturday off. Yay!

  7. Silence is so powerful- have a wonderful thanksgiving week Songbird, thank you for being a blessing and an encouragement to so many of us!

  8. I have not been able to delurk on any of the blogger blogs because BLOGGER IS NOT COOPERATING TODAY!
    And I can’t delurk here because I comment too often to qualify as a lurker ….

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Songbird. And thanks for your comments on my blog the other day– I tried to comment in reply, but blogger ate my comment! On my very own blog!

  10. I am delurking here, although I try to, but don’t always.
    I enjoy your posts and your comments.
    I appreciate your contribution to the revgalblogpals.
    Happy thanksgiving.

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