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I really don’t like the overly early Christmas decorations and displays in stores, but if it brings me the Starbucks Eggnog Latte on November 15th, I’ll find a way to cope with it.

(Did you follow the Red Cup last year? I didn’t know anything about it. They have a peculiar little website here.)

What annoyingly early holiday displays have you seen?

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  1. i think of starbucks as an infestation.
    but i’m really bothered this year by my local supermarket, which set out thoughtful christmas displays in the produce and floral sections *before halloween*. sure, i expect that at target and the drug store, but my market? shameful.

  2. ** sorry, songbird, about the “infestation” observation — it is just that when our little shopping center renovated, we ended up with THREE starbucks outlets! and at my old job, there were at least TWO within a block. they are nice stores with good coffee, but…

  3. on the other hand, i saw a competing java outlet yesterday that featured a peppermint holiday shake, and i was seriously tempted. you can see that i’m completely consistent in my views. LOL

  4. The local Lowe’s has been attacked by the Christmas Monster. Tinsel! Icicles! Fake trees everywhere!
    Speaking of infestations, I have never understood how Manhattan can support a Duane Reade on EVERY BLOCK. It is a mystery.

  5. Our local $ stores had Chritmas up right after Labor Day. Did not even have decency to wait until Halloween was over. Yesterday I was at mall and as i walked by Bath and Body Works, I notice a wonderful smell.It was a Christmas smell. I went in, they had the Chritmas CD playing, I swear it was colder, and the lady had on a red scarf. It was in the 60s here. There was Christmas everywhere! I eneded up with the candle (Aspen WInter) and considered the delightful CD. They were pipping the smell out into the mall. I think that was a little low. I never would have went in and bought the candle if I had not smelled it!
    Enjoy the EggNog coffee for those who are close to Starbucks. We only have local coffee chain here. I ma not sure if they have Egg Nog.

  6. I’m just not into the Starbucks, although Wondergirl gets to buy a Mochachocalattetata once in a while, like after an exceptional report card, or before a play performance.
    I don’t hate ’em, I just like my small roated-on-the-premises place. It’s a chain, too, but a local chain, and the coffee couldn’t be fresher.
    But early holiday decor? We hates it, precious.

  7. I saw Christmas decorations for sale before Halloween somewhere, and was so appalled I’ve blocked the specific details. Way too early.
    Today, CG was entertained by the trains running around the artificial tree displays in the hardware store, and I was so amused by how much fun she was having that I didn’t even think to be annoyed at how early they were up.

  8. I had my first Grande Decaf Peppermint Mocha of the season this past week. It was really good. I had a freebie sample of the Gingerbread Latte while I was waiting to be robbed (my selection cost $5.08!!).
    I can’t support a heavy Starbucks habit, but I must say I love me some Peppermint Mocha (decaf of course).

  9. Walgreens and Orchard Hardware are jammed with Christmas. Even my GYM is decorated with red and green tinsel and candy canes, etc. It’s somewhat overwhelming – I feel a desire to flee (and I love Christmas).
    Whatever happened to autumn and Thanksgiving decorations?

  10. This morning I asked for Thanksgiving stickers at Staples, and they said, “Oh, there really wasn’t any Thanksgiving stuff this year.”

  11. I fear Starbucks. I went to that site and it took about 3 minutes to download the Red Cup Cheer thingy…with my brand new zippy computer! I got really scared that some Starbucky mind control was getting in there.
    Hobby Lobby (supposedly a Christian company) had a whole section of Christmas out IN JULY. I was disgusted.

  12. A local bakery that I used to frequent until they fired one of their managers for the crime of being gay is already decked out to the nines. Celebrating the birth of Jesus while treating employees like crap — way to go…
    I ordered a peppermint hot chocolate at Starbuck’s Wednesday, and they were already out of peppermint.

  13. Our local shopping center is festooned with christmasiana. Wreathes. Garlands. A Big Fat Honkin’ Tree.
    All very lovely. But….they couldn’t wait until after Thanksgiving????
    It all went up November 1.

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