Pupdate: An Epilogue

Sam had a little trouble overnight and first thing this morning that resulted in a trip back to the vet to have the second x-ray after all. It seems there was some yarn still traveling through the pup in string form. Let’s just say I’m glad my Kirby comes with a shampoo attachment!

At this point he looks and feels well. He has been prescribed a week of the special, bland food, to keep things easy on his tummy.

I am hiding all my yarn away, far far away.

19 thoughts on “Pupdate: An Epilogue”

  1. Oh my goodness — I’m just now catching up on the yarn saga. Sounds like Prissy with socks. I’m so glad everything, uh, well, uh, came out all right.

  2. Hang in there, Sam, Songbird, and the whole family! That special food was yummy when I had to have it. The thumb-havers were afraid I wouldn’t eat the normal stuff when it came time to again, but I did.

  3. so glad Sam is okay. A few weeks ago Rufus ate some applique I had cut for a quilt – found a few pieces in the backyard. What is it with dogs and textiles?? Something tells me they’ll eat anything getting the attention they think they deserve . . .

  4. Good to hear this PUP report! Hopefully, Sam is getting better every day.
    They sure get into things in the blink of an eye. My Beagle once chomped a couple rib bones in a flash and fortunately, there were no complications or repercussions.

  5. Oh, poor fella! Melech tried to eat one of his spongey toy balls and it got stuck in his system. Has not tired that one again.HIs latest is to pull craft ribion out of box or drawer. He even uses his little paw to pull open drawer and get out piece of ribbion. Clever, but annoying.

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