Pupdate the Last: All’s Well That Ends Well

Approximately 100 hours after the knitting disappeared, the ball of yarn reappeared at the foot of the back stairs.

The yarn remained in a ball, thanks be to Dog.

I can now attest that the knitting chewed off the needle had already been seen in the backyard. (Stomach acid apparently turns the green in Cottontots yarn yellow.)

The patient is resting comfortably after a wee smackerel of bland, prescription dog food.

Pure Luck and I will sleep tonight.

10 thoughts on “Pupdate the Last: All’s Well That Ends Well”

  1. Thank goodness! Sooooo glad to hear this news!
    (Although we are curious as to which exit the yarn took… we are funny that way… especially if the back stairs are indoor stairs…)

  2. Pure Luck heard a prelude to throw up and let Sam out the back door, where he tossed the remainder of the skein conveniently within view (although I did have to go out in the rain to confirm it and retrieve the evidence).

  3. ppb, he got a little bit of Hill’s i/d, for doggies with intestinal distress of one kind or another. He’ll get more in the morning, and he won’t need another x-ray.
    I never thought I’d be glad the dog threw up!!

  4. Glad to hear all’s well!
    The incident would make a great country or blues song, wouldn’t it?
    “Lookin’ for my knittin’, Lawd, and feelin’really l-o-w. Keep waitin’ for my puppy, to tell me when he has to go…”

  5. So glad to hear the missing yarn has returned.
    And Quotidian Grace thanks for those lyrics, little sprout & I just serenaded hubby with those very words for his birthday.
    I’m not sure if it was the country or blues version…it did include a maraca.

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