Pupdate: Revenge of the Knitting

Pure Luck arrived home last night, and this morning Sam finally showed signs of gastric distress. After a weekend of watching him like a hawk, and never seeing a return of what was consumed on Thursday evening, I am amazed that he held on until his "Papa" got home. Or maybe I shouldn’t be.

We’re going to the vet at 11.

12 thoughts on “Pupdate: Revenge of the Knitting”

  1. Rocky and Jelly say “woof, woof” which I’m told translates to “Good luck at the vet, Sam, and we hope you’re well enough that they give you some tasty treats!”

  2. No sign of yarn ball on x-ray. Barium has been administered and seemed to be traveling through, showing no obstructions, thank goodness. Still a possibility the stomach folds are hiding yarn. Second x-ray in the morning. Meanwhile, no supper for Sam. Poor boy!

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