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You call this a holiday?

  • My eye has been itchy and puffy all week. I am trying hard not to touch it, but have a tendency to rub it in my sleep. The only thing that takes the edge off? Benadryl. This also takes the edge off my mind, but not in a good way.
  • When I went to the downstairs bathroom to look at my eye in the mirror, I discovered a lip-gloss enhanced lip-print on the glass. Sigh.
  • The Princess is driving me crazy by making music on a kitchen chair with a paper clip. Make.It.Stop!
  • There is no school today, as we are observing Veteran’s Day, so the chance that it will end soon is small, considering that she is now explaining to me how the notes the chair makes are unrelated, meanwhile continuing to make "music" on her "musical chair."
  • Snowman is asleep on the couch, where he slept all night to keep an ear out for Sam.
  • Last night, when I left the house for five minutes to pick Snowman up from his clarinet lesson, Sam ate some knitting, including the tip of a bamboo needle.
  • I’m less worried about the needle tip than about the ball of yarn attached to the knitting, because I can’t remember how big it was.
  • He got through the night with no problem.
  • And he is a very large dog.
  • And he has eaten ridiculous things before, including most of a shirt sleeve last fall, which he has managed to clear, so to speak.
  • Remember when I thought Pure Luck would be home no later than tonight? The new ETA is Sunday night.
  • Sam tends to eat these things when Pure Luck is away.
  • Please, oh please, Sam, don’t need to go to the vet!
  • Can’t I just rub my eye a little?

8 thoughts on “You call this a holiday?”

  1. (((((o)))))
    Songbird, that sounds miserable, and I’m so sorry that your Friday is so much less holidayish than it ought to be. and man, what a silly puppy.

  2. ((Songbird))
    Sorry about the eye – itchy is bad enough, but when you can’t scratch it, that’s even worse. ~shudders~
    You get a day off for Veteran’s Day? Remembrance Day is celebrated here tomorrow, but there is no longer a statutory holiday attached to it.
    Silly dog. We were dog-sitters once for a friend’s retriever and she ate a sock. I’ve never been a dog owner, so I was terrified it would hurt her. She “returned” it the next morning. Ew. I hope Sam is ok.

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