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Sam seems okay so far today. Eating and drinking and the other stuff. No sign yet of the knitting, however.

On a bright note, I had lunch today with a new blogger/RevGal friend who has moved to my area. You can find her here. I fear I took up most of the airspace, but hopefully there will be more chances to talk in the future! (And I think she does a very good job of realizing her pastoral authority.)

7 thoughts on “Pupdate”

  1. The backyard yielded other knitting consumed by the dog, to my horror. I knitted a bunch of bookmarks out of dishcloth yarn, and I wondered where I had put them! I certainly hadn’t planned to put them in the dog. I have now dog-proofed all the knitting.

  2. I ate some chunks out of a bath towel once. Several days later, I made Poop-On-a-Rope! The Typist had to come running to my aid with a leaf in her hand.
    Hope Sam gets through this (or vice versa) without incident!

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