The Girl from IpaWrooWroo

Overheard on a Monday afternoon:

Snowman is in the living room playing "The Girl from Ipanema" on his clarinet.

I am singing along in my head, "Tall and tan and young and lovely the girl from Ipanema goes–"

and Molly sings, "Wroo Wroo."

"And when she passes, each one she passes–"


7 thoughts on “The Girl from IpaWrooWroo”

  1. Too funny! Reminds me so much of Zorra. Some years ago when we were learning “Jerusalem” I loved it so much I brought my music home to sing it for the Scientist. “And did those feet in ancient time/Walk upon England’s mountains green?” “OOOoooooo,” my fellow alto joined in, and kept it up all the way to the end. That appeared to be her favorite piece.
    Amie, alas, is not musically inclined.

  2. Dear Molly,
    I hope that the fellow musicians in your house recognize your talent and call Animal Planet’s Pet Star.
    Tillie and Chin

  3. The Typist wishes we would sing, because she sings all the time. But mostly we just sit there and look at her funny. Occasionally we will join in with some barks at the end of “Happy Birthday,” though. The Boy can be quite vocal, but he usually chooses to work solo. Or with the fire truck.

  4. When my baby sister was 3 years old (which would have made me 14-ish) a full-grown Lhasa Apso walked into our backyard to play with her. He stayed until she left home for college, then slipped across the Rainbow Bridge. His name was Hairy, or Harry, depending on who was spelling it, and he loved to grab emptied yogurt cups and ABC grape bubble gum out of the trash can, and run away during blizzards. He was ever-so-proud of his beard and feathery tail, as my parents learned the hard way the first time they got him a summer hair cut.
    Despite his Tibetian-named breed, I think Hairy must have been of Scottish ancestry, for he liked to come into my bedroom and sing along while I practiced for the Scottish drum-and-pipe corp I marched with in high school. He never joined in with my flute practice, or my brother’s french horn, or my sister’s cello.
    You don’t think it was just that the bagpipes hurt his ears? (grin)

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