7 thoughts on “How They Get Here”

  1. You do not appear to be the kind of blog that would show up for that search result! I know I have seen folks come to my blog for funny searches that seem unlikely for me too!
    Doesn’t take much to amuse us. 🙂

  2. Okay. I am so completely ignorant. How do you know this? I’ve heard several of you make reference to this before but have been too ashamed of my technical shortcomings to ask!

  3. Rhea, heehee.
    Preacher Mom, I have Site Meter, and I discovered the search by looking at the Referrals that brought people to my blog. It’s an excellent procrastinating tool.

  4. Not only is it an excellent procrastinating tool, you can find out what people are searching for – some of it is quite interesting!

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