Friday Five: Nothing But the Tooth

We are in the throes of what will (hopefully) be the final set of
braces in this family, and so my mind is on the tooth, the whole tooth
and nothing but the tooth.

As posted by yours truly at RevGalBlogPals:

Please share your thoughts on the following:

1) The Tooth Fairy–I really enjoyed getting coins from the Tooth Fairy, and I made a big effort to make if fun for #1 Son. But Snowman HATED the idea that his tooth would be taken away, and I had to assure him this was something I was doing, no supernatural creatures involved. That was okay with him. He continued to believe in Santa Claus for several years without making the connection…

2) Flossing–I like doing it better since the dentist recommended the nifty little flossers with the handles.

3) Toothpaste Brands–I’ve always preferred Crest, but Pure Luck likes Tom’s of Maine.

4) Orthodontia for Adults–It’s quite the trend, isn’t it? #1 Son went to college still in braces, and I hope that will be our only quasi-adult experience.

5) Whitening products–I accidentally bought some sort of super-duper whitening toothpaste once, and it made the inside of my mouth start peeling. I find that worrisome. Our current tube of Crest seems to claim whitening among its attributes, but it must be mild stuff, because I see no difference in teeth or mouth.

How about you?

6 thoughts on “Friday Five: Nothing But the Tooth”

  1. i’m with iris–ick!
    it certainly makes you wonder what on earth is in it!
    my middle-un was freaked about giving away her tooth, but once she saw the gold sacajewa $ she was fine!

  2. i am not sure, but i think you are the person who takes the lead on the RGP FF. i wanted to let you know that the instruction on how to post has been different since the October 13th 5 Q’s. i go back to that one and make sure i do it correctly. The one that is on the more current like yesterdays q’s, just lists url instead of saying insert your URL here….makes me wonder if that is not part of the confusion and whacky responses to posting they played. i could be way wrong, but just thought i would point out.
    LFS, liz (Pansyliz)

  3. So are you broke with all the cost of braces?
    Peeled the inside of your mouth, now that had to hurt. I’d stay away from that stuff.
    How interesting that snowman didn’t make the connection? We assume don’t we?

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