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Retreat Day

I’m back from a retreat day with other local clergy.

I woke up feeling a little off, wondering if it was worth it, remembering all the work I need to do. I had trouble with traffic, circled the coffee place several times before getting a parking spot, considered giving up the whole thing, struggled down a route clogged by construction, and was very nearly hit by the woman in the jeep tailgating me all along the lake road. My colleagues already at the retreat center heard her squealing brakes!

But here are things it was good to do:

to knit on a couch in a warm room and on a chair in the autumn light
to listen to others talk and share my thoughts, too
to sit in the sun with a friend on rocks at the edge of a lake
to share a nutritious lunch cooked by someone else
to walk in the woods with another friend later in the day
to stop on a bridge and watch sticks travel down a stream
to light candles and celebrate the communion of saints
to choose another route home
to catch up with The Princess
to walk the dogs with Snowman
to sneak in a little snoozle on the couch as the sun disappeared

Much to my surprise, the day went well. Hope yours did, too.

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