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Black Cat Princess and Jack O. Lantern

  Black Cat Princess 013 
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The Princess is out trick-or-treating with her friend, Smartypants. She is very pleased with her costume, and I am relieved it is finished.

Snowman carved a handsome jack o’lantern. He is eating pizza, then planning to make himself horrifying with the stage blood in an old makeup kit #1 Son left behind.

We have Snickers, Milky Ways and Three Musketeers aplenty. Sam is ready to bark at the least provocation. Molly is ready to join the next band of trick-or-treaters. I am ready for a nap.

  Jack O Lantern 
  Originally uploaded by msongbird.

Carved by Snowman, using one of those dreaded pumpkin carving kits

19 thoughts on “Black Cat Princess and Jack O. Lantern”

  1. She looks great, as does the pumpkin. And what great candy — I’m coming to your house for leftovers! We always skimp and buy Smarties… which means that Smarties are what’s left over, and they’re just not that satisfying.

  2. I SOOO shouldn’t be blog reading…but that pumpkin is beyond fabulous (pumpkin carving kits aren’t available over here, so I’m even excited about that bit), the Princess is a dream – and I wanted to share the nicest trick or treater ever, who arrived the second it was darkish last night. Aged about 5, barely reached my knee, long Weasley red hair, wearing a black binliner tunic, with real nursery school stick on silver stars and clutching a fluffy grey cat. She was a dream. AND she told her daddy she likes it when “that church lady comes to my school”. Bless the girl.
    OK…credit card bill and then I must shower and GOOOOOOO.
    Love you lots. See you soon xxx

  3. Christine, she was wearing black fleece pants and jacket. I made the tail, headband and attached ears, using Lion Wool and Fun Fur. The tail was knit in the round on size 8 double pointed needles (what will I ever use those for again?), the headband and ears on a larger size. The ears were constructed from four triangles, lightly stuffed after being sewn together, then attached to the headband. That was the hardest part!

  4. When Daughter was a black cat a few years ago, I was working at a day spa and one of the nail techs drilled two small holes in each of 10 acrylic nails, and then painted a different Halloween scene on each. I then sewed them to a pair of black dress gloves. Teh Cute!

  5. What a lovely young pussy cat. Great costume, whenever did you find time?
    And I like his carving. I wouldn’t even dare to try one of the kits. Its enough with ours to do the eyes, nose and mouth.
    Hope you gave all the candy away.

  6. I used a kit because it was the only way to purchase those nifty pumpkin carving knives. Argh. The kits are more trouble than they’re worth!

  7. I love the black cat costume.
    This was my first year without a kid in elementary school so it seemed kind of funny not to have anyone really making costumes in the house the night before Halloween.

  8. Welcome, Girlkitty!
    St C, The Princess had to separate her candy because she is getting her braces this morning. The stuff she can no longer eat is in a pile on the dining room table. The leftover giveaway candy was sparse. I ate the one leftover tiny Milky Way last night! We have about half a dozen tiny Snickers, in a Halloween themed dish, on top of the piano. Most of what The Princess sacrificed doesn’t look very good to me anyway, which is just as well.

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