When the Rain Comes

Yesterday I had a brilliant thought. The city planted a lovely red maple in front of my neighbor’s house a few years ago. It’s leaves were mostly still on the branches, but enough had fallen to present an exciting prospect for decorating the worship center on Sunday.

Apparently I did not consider the weather forecast. It is pouring. POURING. It is expected to go on doing this all through the day. Sometime the wind will start blowing, too, with gusts up to 50 miles per hour.

Any other thoughts about what might go on the table? I’ll have to go to the store and buy something dry! I was hoping to save gourds for November…

11 thoughts on “When the Rain Comes”

  1. Maybe some pomegranates and persimmons? Also, craft stores sometimes have some very pretty decorative leaves made of metallic material that could be a lovely accent. Some bare branches that speak of the coming of winter with the leaves and fruit scattered around could be lovely. . .

  2. One of my flower ladies suggested we cut a branch from the burning bush at church, and I think that’s what we’ll do. But thank you for all your suggestions. I’m going to look for pomegranates for two weeks from now!

  3. In the end I was able to collect some red maple leaves, cut some branches from the burning bush and bring three lovely red apples from home.

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