“If I Only Had the Noive”

The word as of last night is this: just as the student athletes at Hippy Dippy High School have been able to sign up to play sports at one of the other high schools in town, Snowman will be added to the audition list from one or the other of the high schools and go with them. We’ll know which one next week. Phew!

Thank you again for your kind and encouraging thoughts. I’m sure that making this happen for the first time will make it much easier to keep it happening in future years.

Terminal Degree mentioned something about tapes in a comment below, and I wanted to add that there are no tapes involved. There are three regional auditions around the state, which students attend in person.

I tend to think I AM THE ONLY ONE who can follow through and fix things. Snowman, his father and his principal worked this out with absolutely no help from me, other than remembering there must be a deadline and discovering we had missed it. Let this be a lesson to me! I can let go of all that "I AM MOM, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL," where I behave like the Wizard trying to create an illusion of omnipotence. It’s good to come out from behind the curtain and admit there are some things I can handle and other tasks better suited to someone else, either generally or on a particular day. And THAT is a relief.

12 thoughts on ““If I Only Had the Noive””

  1. While being in control is sometimes comforting, it is wonderful when others are able to take control for us. I am so happy this worked out. I can see this happening at our school. By the way our report cards and progress reports are pages long- and you need a key. I help write them and don’t understand them.

  2. Oh, a LIVE audition in your state. How much better than the taped audition. I know of a lot of teachers who spend hours with each students getting the most “perfect” tape possible, and using very expensive recording equipment to do so. In such situations, the students with the most expensive teachers often get a huge advantage…and one has to wonder how much “cut and paste” splicing is going on. Live audition, much better.
    I’m so glad he’ll get to audition after all! Yay!

  3. Hooray for Snowman, and for a happy outcome….Now all we have to do is pray that he plays as well as we know he can come audition day.
    But oh, Songbird my love, it could have been me writing re the “only I can sort these things” scenario…the state I’m in as I prepare for India would suggest that neither my children nor their father have one brain cell between the lot of them. I think I maybe need to learn something here…
    Hugs xxx

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