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Leaf Play

Hello, friends!

Yesterday, Sam and I had a good wrassling session in the front yard. Our Mom tried to take pictures of us, but we were too fast. She had to settle for these:



I would like to thank all the dogs and people who were thinking of me when I was indisposed last week. I am fine now! I like to jump around, play with friends and enjoy the crunchy leaves. The cool, cool weather makes me feel like Super Molly!!! Wroo Wroo!!!

What do you like to do in the fall?

Big Paws of Love,

15 thoughts on “Leaf Play”

  1. hei Molly
    we have loads of colourful leaves here too – I like jumping and rolling in them while our pets try to gather them, and grabbing the end of the rake is good fun too
    your Finnish friend Mindy.
    PS my “boyfriend” Rasmus has a sore leg. I saw him today. It seems it won’t ever get better … and he’s younger than I am. He’ll have to wear that black sock thing for ever… but actually it looks quite cute (blush)
    Glad you are better and super molly again 🙂 Wroo wroo indeed

  2. Hooray!! You’re better! You look great.
    We don’t have much of a fall here. When the temperature goes below 60 at night, that means it’s fall. Mom and I like to pick up pecans in the back yard and go for a long walk! Maybe she’ll take me for a walk when she comes home for lunch. Enjoy the cool weather!
    Your friend,

  3. Well, I only get to go outside when I get blessed. I’m a little jealous. But my favorite fall thing is that it’s cold out, so I get to snuggle up next to the radiator. I love the radiator.

  4. Molly, I was at the beach the other day when I saw some moms and dads walking their dogs, all of which were in doggie wheelchairs. Have you ever seen such a thing? They walked on their front legs with their back legs in a sling that attached to a frame with two wheels. I had never seen anything like it. They all seemed to enjoy the beautiful day at the beach.
    I was very touched by the humans’ dedication to these animals–they’ve been touched by the paws of love too!

  5. Those wheelchairs sound cool! I would prefer a chariot myself, operated by my people. Walking around can be so tiresome!
    Today I took a really excellent nap on the sofa. Then I had a liedown near my dig. Now I am ready to go somewhere, but Mom says, “No, maybe a little later.” Such a party-pooper.

  6. Molly, our leaves are just beginning to look like fall might be here – and I am a weather weanie dog – if it’s cold outside, I stay inside.
    Chin, my sister, is like a gypsy, and takes off for days, not telling anyone where she is. (I think she goes off with walkers and flirts). ANYWAY, tonight the low will be in the 60s with rain. We will keep up with your weather to know what you are experiencing. You can check out our weather in Southwest Georgia,
    Tillie (signing in for Chin too)

  7. Hi, friends!
    I got to go to the dog park! It was my second time today!! I love the dog park. All the people tell me how pretty I am. Sam and I had a great wrassle, and I knocked him over! (It was just for fun, I promise.)
    It was windy and fun.

  8. You look so pretty in the fall leaves, Molly!
    It’s starting to cool off a bit here in Texas, but we don’t have “fall” quite like you must. Here, it lasts about a week. But in that week, I get much more energetic.
    And the tan in my coat does look really nice this time of year.

  9. Molly!
    I like fall too, but my favoirte part is hearing the wind blow and chasing the leaves around when Mom takes me for a walk on my leash. I also love to snuggle on the crisp fall days and watch the squirrels. Have fun! Love,

  10. Thanks, Cub! You should come and visit New England sometime!!
    Hi, Melech. It’s hard to watch squirrels with Sam around; he wants to chase them!
    Hey, LittleKitty? If I slept by the radiator I would get TOO HOT!!! Sometimes our kitties jump up on a radiator. I don’t know how their paws can stand it.
    We are going for a ride to see the leaves in another town today. Hope you have fun, too!

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