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Pr0n, chez Songbird

Two of #1 Son’s friends from college stopped by while he was home on Fall Break last weekend. They had been on a leaf-peeping tour of New England, and City By the Sea was their last stop. We kept them overnight on Monday, and since we are all Aaron Sorkin fans, the many boys and I watched Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

It doesn’t hurt that the star on the left is a graduate of Formerly Methodist Currently Hiptastic University.

We chatted during the commercial breaks about The West Wing, and I explained that Pure Luck refused to watch it.

"It’s political porn," he would say. "You watch it to escape the real world. But it’s too painful for me to have to return to reality."

Studio 60 is exploring the culture wars between the Religious Right and the Hollywood Left. I am enjoying it not only for the humor but also for the cultural references. It’s nice to watch a show written by someone who may have actually read a book or two. I’m a geek, and I love a good Gilbert and Sullivan reference. (In fact, "And It’s Surely to Their Credit" may be my favorite TWW episode of all.)

The plot threads of this week’s Studio 60 included the attempts of a network executive to buy a show the young writer really wants to shop at HBO. He can’t believe a network would like his stuff, which is rather highbrow. The executive, who is pretty and smart and thoroughly out of another reality, insists that people ought to be able to see good drama on free network TV.

Meanwhile, Sting has been on the show-within-the-show, and he is playing a lute and singing "Come Again," a 400-year-old song, and I turn to the boys and say, "This is Culture Porn!!"

No wonder we love it so much.

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  1. “What a beautiful instrument.” I’m getting to like Studio 60. It was slow going at first for me, but with a Sorkin/Schlamme/Whitford/Busfield/Perry/Lahti combo, how can they go wrong?
    (And that actor’s wife grew up half a mile from our first Snow Belt house! How’s that for Six Degrees?)

  2. Love, love, love, love, love this show. Haven’t seen this episode yet, though. Must go download. Then write sermon. Yes, that’s it.

  3. Come again, sweet love doth now invite
    I did a dissertations about Elizabethan lute songs back in the mists…Some lovely lovely things. I’m beginnning to feel seriously deprived re Studio 60!
    Geography does cause problems sometimes ;-(

  4. Oh, the Gilbert and Sullivan episode had me laughing till I cried. My husband feels the same way about Studio 60 that Pure Luck does about West Wing, in that he thinks it’s too unrealistically clever… which of course is exactly what I like about it, my little one-hour-a-week fantasy that the world could really be that way.

  5. I remember the thrill that came over me the first time I saw it, as Ainsley came back to her office and realized who was there and singing to her. Just wonderful.
    Lisa V, definitely watch it! I like to talk TV with you! And since this, Lost and, when it returns, 24, are about it for me, I need you to watch one of them!

  6. And Lisa V? I forgot Big Love. I think that’s what got me reading you in the first place. Why do I like that show that makes me so ashamed?

  7. I really have enjoyed watching this show. I read a review the other day that said that the problem with the show was they they took the show-within-the-show to seriously, like they were expecting it to save the world…but that right there is what makes the show magic. Because for anyone who has EVER worked in entertainment, they recognize that very drama as being sadistically real!
    In other Studio 60 news…I went right to iTunes and bought the new Sting album. Somewhere a marketing executive is smiling down at my predictable consumerism!!

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