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Medical Update

Molly is eating the special Science Diet food for animals with upset tummies. We had a better night. She woke me just before 5 asking to go outside, and I could hear her heaving, something she does when her stomach is empty. She would not come inside, so I went outside with a little of the special food in her dish. And I stood there, holding an umbrella over the two of us while she ate.

She is now enjoying second breakfast, after suffering the indignity of having a pill placed in the back of her throat.

P.S. I am sick, too. I’m not sure standing in the rain at 5 a.m. is the best thing for a person with a serious head cold. I am looking forward to a day on the couch.

At least I know how to swallow my own pills.

22 thoughts on “Medical Update”

  1. Oh, I hope both of you feel better – I am beginning to feel more human today – I hope yours is more short lived and you have a speedy recovery. In the meantime, off to the sofa!

  2. I hope you both are feeling better soon! Definitely sounds like a couch-friendly day.
    Have you tried putting Molly’s pill in peanut butter? Dogs tend to like peanut butter. It’s great for pills because no matter how hard they might try, they can’t spit that sticky pill back out!

  3. poor Molly!
    poor You!
    Hope you both feel better soon!
    I love the image of you standing outside holding a brolly over Molly’s head as she eats.
    You are wonderful Pet Parent!

  4. Preacher mom, she is too smart for that.
    Grace, I don’t think so! Hers is tummy, mine is respiratory, so we have our separate woes.
    Off to the couch!

  5. Awww, poor both of you. Glad you’re not preaching this week so you can get some rest. I’m nursing a nasty cold here too, but I have a vow renewal ceremony and a sermon to write. Yay. Anyway, enjoy your couch time.

  6. Awww. Prayers and hugs!
    Dog-who-blogs is at the vet now, waiting to complete a two-stage blood test (one before eating, one after). The Boy and I are missing her.

  7. Molly is very lucky to have you! May the two of you enjoy some rest and relaxation on the couch and better health for both of you soon.

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