Friday Five: Creature Comforts

reverendmother wonders what are your "creature comforts–those activities and spaces that just make a person feel

1. Comfort beverage — hot chocolate, particularly Ghirardelli’s, or if the trouble is sickness, Ginger Ale over crushed ice (my mother was a great believer)

2. Comfort chair — the couch in my living room (the right hand corner as you face it), with the phone, one of the above beverages, the remote control, knitting and a good book nearby, and some sort of a cozy blanket for my lap (preferably fleece).

Comfort read — Jane Austen, whose world has taken me out of mine when mine was simply unbearable. In 1992, after losing a baby, I plunged into Pride and Prejudice, probably the fifth or sixth time for me, and just kept going until I finished them all. I believe Mansfield Park was new to me that year, and it became a favorite. I loved Fanny and her steadfastness in the face of loss and misunderstanding. (If you haven’t read the book, please don’t see the movie first. It’s appealingly sexy, but that’s not a good representation of the book, in my opinion.)

4. Comfort television/DVD/music — Comfort TV is Star Trek: The Next Generation. Pure Luck thinks I have a crush on Captain Picard/Patrick Stewart, but it’s really just that I find his voice incredibly soothing. Sort of like Mozart. If I need comfort in the car, I listen to choral music and sing along.

5. Comfort
companion(s) — Anyone in my house will do, husband or children or dogs, even the cats, except when they have created the crisis demanding the comfort as one of them did last night by BRINGING A BABY SQUIRREL INTO THE HOUSE AND LEAVING IT DEAD ON THE KITCHEN FLOOR!!!!!!!!!! There was much sobbing on the part of The Princess, who chose ice cream and cartoons as her comfort items, as well as hugs from her mother.

What comforts you?

21 thoughts on “Friday Five: Creature Comforts”

  1. “But mommy Songbird”,(says the guilty kitty) “bringing you dead animal presents just proves I love you!”
    ditto on the Picard voice. 🙂

  2. My mom did ginger ale too, and I continue the tradition. Here’s to you.
    And yes the cat was letting you know she loves you and worships and adores you by bringing her gifts to the altar.
    Sorry, Princess, ice cream is the best comfort food of all.!

  3. Oh you are revered to be offered the most sacred dead squirrel… which is better than just finding the bones and tail! However, I am with you. I would be MUCH more comforted by Ghirardelli’s!!

  4. We got Stewart’s one-man “Christmas Carol” in our town a while back and I didn’t go. I don’t think he’s touring it any more, and I’m kicking my own fanny.
    I’ve developed quite a technique, as I’ve passed up the CSNY tour the last two times it came to town and one of those geezers is gonna pass on before they make it back, I just know it.

  5. Nope, those cats aren’t allowed in comfort fantasy, I agree. All I can say is, in some ways its better than an alive one…like the possum our dog brought in once…it was , um, playing possum.

  6. “Make it so!”
    How could you not love that. Really. I’m going to try to get my husband to start saying “Make it so.” And if he could tug smartly on his tunic, well…!

  7. Choral music is also a comfort of mine – one I can sing with! MOzart Requiem is one of my #1 favorites, Faure’s Requiem is right up there too!

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