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A Few Important Questions

*How is it possible for the MRI department to mislay a patient? (They told me the patient had been returned to the ED three hours before, when actually the patient was having an MRI that minute.)

*How many miles is it from the faraway on-street parking to the Emergency Department, back to the other side of the hospital to MRI, then back to the ED, then back aboveground to the faraway on-street parking? (Because I would really like credit for some part of that exercise in futility.)

*How did I manage to have a child who goes to school looking like Audrey Hepburn with hips?

*Do dogs ever grow up enough to walk themselves?

*Is it bad dog-parenting to let them wrestle in the front yard, then give them a pig chip and call it good?

*Can you ever forgive me for promoting Slow Food, then not cooking a darn thing for two days?

*How many days is it until next Tuesday, when I get to see Pure Luck again?

15 thoughts on “A Few Important Questions”

  1. When you solve that Audrey Hepburn thing, let me know.
    Wondergirl’s outfit today:
    Kelley green, full-skirted eyelet strapless dress, worn over a black T-shirt and black leggings, a wide black belt and 3″ wedge Mary Janes. With pearls.
    She’s her own Project Runway.

  2. 1. Put him on the machine sideways?
    2. That’s the only kind of exercise I ever get!
    3. Oh my. Well, some of us wonder how our little (5’6″, with little fuzzy moustaches) boys ended up in school with such babes.
    4. Dunno.
    5. Works for me. See #2.
    6. We’re having Subway for dinner. The guy behind the counter is very slow. Does that count?
    7. Not that many. Too many.

  3. I mean, seriously, when I bought her that grey pleated school uniform skirt to be part of her Hermione costume last year, I wasn’t expecting to see it paired with a slim-fitting long-sleeved black shirt, or to watch it flouncing off to school this morning.

  4. 1.Leave it to a hospital to do most anything.
    2. Too far
    3. All I know is the pictures I have seen of your daughter show me how beautiful she is.
    4. No
    5. If you give your dog pig skins, they will always think you are a good parent.
    6. Slow Food – that fad passed by quickly. Of course we will forgive you!
    7. less than a week now and counting.
    Was there any significance to it being 7 questions? ? ? 🙂

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