The Big Dig

I ate my breakfast al fresco this morning. Mom put my dish down at the foot of the stairs when I wouldn’t go back inside, but I carried it out to the site of the Big Dig.

I have been working hard on this very important project for a while now. Sam thinks he is helping, but he puts more dirt back in than he takes out most of the time.

I’m going to do some more work just as soon as I take a little nap…

14 thoughts on “The Big Dig”

  1. Wow, I am so envious. I have a fine excavation in progress behind the azalea bush next to the chimney, but it’s not so impressive as yours. I hope your mom doesn’t gripe about your dirty feet like mine does.
    Keep digging,

  2. Dear Amie,
    My mom is very understanding of a dog’s needs. She even told me it was a great hole! Our dad doesn’t like it as much, but he’s away, and when the dad’s away, the dogs will play!
    Your friend,

  3. Dear Molly,
    My cohort, Chin, and I, like to dig holes underneath fences to escape the confines of a big back yard. The other side of the fence is always greener and more interesting. My “mommy and daddy” are never pleased when we dig a hole there. In fact, they don’t even like the holes I dig that they step in during the nightime – what’s up with that?
    I bet your holes are bigger than our holes. But ours never freeze in the winter time.
    Your canine friend,
    Tillie 🙂

  4. Dear Tillie and Chin,
    It would take a REALLLY big hole for me to get under the fence! I don’t think I want to dig that much.
    Maybe if I get bored someday…
    Thanks for writing!

  5. I’m not much of a digger myself, but The Boy has a designated digging patch. He likes to lie down in it when he gets to the cooler layers of dirt.
    He also digs those surprise holes in the middle of the grass. The Alpha fills them up with the fruits of…well, of us… and his scooping efforts.

  6. Those sound like pretty smelly holes!
    I like to get to the cool dirt, too. My fur coat can’t go into storage, you see, I have to wear it all year round. But come snowtime, I’ll be the one lying in the snowbank, feeling snug.

  7. Ok! Finally something interesting on blogs! Molly, that’s a great dig you have there. I can come help you. I have two big projects going; one in the flowerbed and another in the flowerbed.
    The parents covered one up!
    After all that work!
    Woofy love to you,
    Sister the Dog

  8. Dear Sister,
    Keep up the good work! If you smile sweetly after digging, they will stop filling in the holes. Just sit nicely, and they may even give you a cookie for your effort!!
    Love you,

  9. Dear Molly,
    There are moles in my yard. I try to dig them out but I am old, slow, and not really built for digging. Could you come over and help? I like to eat my food after I knock it out of the bowl so you could carry the bowl away.
    Your friend,
    Charlie the Basset

  10. Dear Charlie,
    OOOHHH! Moles? Fascinating! We saw a dead baby mole on our walk the other day. Sam picked it up with his mouth, but he put it down again as soon as Mom told him “Yuck!” Then our big boy made a hole in the ground for the little mole. I won’t dig for that one. But the live ones would be fun to visit!!

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