Heart Play

#1 Son recently participated in an experimental theatre project called "Heart Play" at Formerly Methodist Currently Hiptastic University. Go here to read more about it and here to see the picture in a larger format. He’s the young man in the foreground.

It has always been the play of his heart to arrange scenes and take on roles. He was the little boy who could spend countless hours very seriously setting the scene for his Fisher Price Main Street people, or his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and later on Playmobil characters and Lego knights. He cared about the "set up" and about the relationships between the figures, too.

When it was time to look at colleges, we talked about whether he wanted to look at liberal arts colleges or narrow his focus and audition for conservatory programs. Choosing the former seems to have proven the right choice. There have been interesting classes and wonderful acting opportunities, including the lead in a senior’s thesis film last year. #1 Son enjoys both components of his English and Theatre double concentration. But I suspect that English is the study of his mind, just as Theatre has been and will continue to be the Play of his Heart.

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