*My* Story

Hello, all you Friends of Molly!

It’s Me, Molly!!

I want to tell you about having company at my house. Our company is a tall lady with very nice-smelling clothes. I think she said they are made of silk. My mother never wears silk. Visitor Lady says it can go to the dry cleaner; my mother says, "Oh, that sounds great!"

Visitor Lady didn’t mind AT ALL when I got up on the couch with her, just to let her know she’s welcome. She gave me a cookie when she got here, and I sat very pretty before I gently, gently took it from her fingers. (Sam is not very gentle. He has big teeth, and he grabs sometimes.)

Sam barked at Visitor Lady for a long time. I think it’s because she’s tall. As soon as he figured out she’s a Lady, he stopped it. Phew! At her house she has a cute little dog. Why didn’t she bring him? We love little dogs!! They are fun to play with!

Yesterday, our mother had to go to an "all day meeting" at some church. I bet it would have been more fun if I came along and people could have been petting me. But Sam and I went out with our friend, LeashWeCanDo, and then we spent a quiet day here with Lady Visitor. After our mother got home we took Lady Visitor on a ride all around town and looked at the Bay and the place where we go to the Sunrise Service and a bunch of other places, and I sat up in the back of the car and smiled at my subjects as we drove by. They all seemed very happy to see me.

At night, my mother made the best dinner ever. She called up on the phone, and a nice guy came to our door with pizza from City By the Sea Pie Company. I LOVE IT!!!!!! I sat patiently by the table–

well, maybe I put my paw up, just to let people know I was there. You really need to remind people sometimes. Sam lies under the table, hoping food will fall out of the sky, but I am proactive! Besides, my paws are very pretty, I’m sure no one minds.

Lady Visitor gave me a really great pizza bone, even though I got some schmutz on her sweater. She told my mother it brushed right off.

She is really nice. I like having her here a lot. Can I sleep in her room tonight?


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  1. New human lady must have a nice smell, which means she is trustworthy and won’t harm your Pack, Molly. I always scope out newcomers by scent, too. My eyes, like yours, aren’t as good as my nose. Someyimes, I’m not crazy about newcomers, but if my humans accept them, that’s fine with me, too.
    Say, do you have lots of squirrels to drive away in your Territory?
    –your cyberfriend, Sheba

  2. Dear Sheba,
    Sam is in charge of the squirrels. He calls them SamSnacks, but I don’t think he really every catches one.
    Did you hear about the squirrel attack in California? I’m glad I don’t live there!

  3. hei Molly,
    (that means hi in Finnish, in case you haven’t done the course yet!)
    I have my own way of greeting visitors to our house … when they take off their shoes (they all do here didn’t you know?) I grab one and hide it … and when I think it’s time for them to go, I will come running to them with it
    not all take the hint though … and some think it’s a game, take the shoe and give me a treat. I don’t mind them making that mistake. I’m sure you wouldn’t either!
    I have pretty paws too, but my pets don’t seem like to see them – or my lovely nose – on the table! Can’t work out why to be honest! And right now the lady of the house keeps complaining of all the hair. As if I can do anything about it – sigh.
    She has a horrible noisy machine that she pulls out -and I slink away – but it doesn’t seem to work well, as within a day or two she gets it out again.
    Humans, who can understand them? But I do like the nice-smelling ones too 🙂
    Hope you have a nice weekend with your tall lady friend and your family. Wish I was there too!
    your loving friend,
    Mindy from Finland

  4. Paivaa, Mindy. I have a Suomilainen human, too. Sometimes they call me Musti, but my real name is Sheba, even though I’m a black Lab. Good idea about the shoes–I should try that. It might be more fun that snaffling ballpoint pens!

  5. I want a visitor. I’m told I’m Very Cute. I’m also told I’m Very Naughty. I have never seen anyone who was tall or who smelled nice. And what is this table thing? I only have one human, but I do have a sister, which is kind of like having a toy. I think you should come visit me Molly. Because you’re bigger than me, and that would make you Tall. Do you smell good?

  6. There’s a rumor we’re getting visitors tomorrow. (The Episcopalians!) I’ll know for sure when The Typist asks if we want to Get Dressed, and we make a trip to the Bandanna Drawer. I love the Bandanna Drawer…it usually means excitement. And I’m even cuter when I’m Dressed. The Boy has a few that make him look rather handsome, too.

  7. Dear Molly,
    Will you be sending my grandma home soon? We miss her! My mommy goes to Pretentious High School all day and MisterMister goes to his work by the Big Lake, and nobody stays home in the morning to give me a greenie or comes home early to let me do my business outside. I miss how she sings to me, “Tan-Tan the poodle man, he does what no other poddle can!”
    And now that the Stinky Loud One moved away, I need my grandma home! You’re right, she does smell good, but the clothes she wears around me are not so precious.
    Hope I get to see her tomorrow,
    Love, Tanner

  8. Okay, now there are two differences between us:
    1. You say “Wroo Wroo” while I say “Yip Yip”
    2. You can spell: “poddle” should be “poodle”
    I really miss my grandma!

  9. Hi Molly,
    My mom says she wishes she could visit with your mom and y’all’s lady visitor some day. I would like to come see you too, but we would need to have a discussion when I arrived. I am sure you are very pretty, but you must understand that there can be only one Queen of Dogs. Once that point was clarified, I am sure we would get along just fine. I don’t share pizza bones, though.
    Your friend,

  10. Hey Molly! We don’t eat pizza bones. You can have all of ours. Our dog, Sister, is good to us. We’d like you, too. I hear we can put a saddle on you and wear our cowboy hats!
    If that lady visiting y’all has any cheese in her pockets, save some for us.
    You HAVE to sleep in her room. It’s good manners.
    Your pals,
    W. and F.

  11. Dear Molly,
    This is wee little dog in the deep South. My Mommy doesn’t let me eat pizza even though I try to look cute and dance. She also will sneak medicine in my treat and think I don’t know it. Hrrrmph. I bet your Mommy doesn’t do that.
    I think I would like to meet Cheesehead too. Just the name “Cheese” gets me all excited.
    Your friend from the deep South,
    Tillie (and sometimes silent sidekick Chin)

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