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Current Events

From Sixth Grade Guest Blogger, The Princess, writing about President Bush’s visit to the UN last week, as reported in Scholastic News.

What is this article about? Give a brief summary. Include information about when and where the events occurred.

President Bush went to the United Nations and made a speech on September 19. In his speech, he spoke to the people of Iran, saying that he didn’t want them to have nuclear weapons. Bush met with French President Jacques Chirac to discuss how to get Iran to stop its nuclear program. Bush said that Iran should agree to stop before the UN could talk to them. Chirac disagreed.

Why is it important? (Why is this important to my class, my state, my country, the world, or me?)

Peace is important because, where wars are going on, there are more innocent people being killed.

What questions do you have after reading the article? What do you want to know more about?

I don’t understand why Bush was talking so much about peace at the UN after going into another country and starting a war.

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  1. Such a smart girl. Must take after her mama.
    I don’t want ANYONE to have nuclear weapons, but it always strikes me as supremely arrogant and stupid that the US gets to keep theirs while telling other folks that they can’t have any.

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