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  1. You do! And thank goodness for you and your nourishing words.
    It’s been a wearying day, and I wonder if my work makes any difference at all. It seems that injustice has the upper hand; that politics is a dirty game; and I need a little hope in the goodness of people.
    I count on you for that. Thank you for calling me away.

  2. For the old German Evangelical and Reformed section of the church, the Sunday before Advent is solemn and sad — Todtenfest. The names of the past year’s new saints are read, and the bell is rung once for each. Pastor, who has been with us 20 years now and is laying his friends to rest with regularity, cries. I cry with him; I cry for him. I try to sing “For all the saints who from their labors rest” but barely make it through the first few notes.
    The elderly seem to “choose” the last three months of the year to pass on. I bade goodbye to all three of my grandparents in various Novembers. The church year winds down as the calendar year and the weather do. Who would not look forward more to Advent and the hope of a new life?

  3. Trying to find a pattern for a toe-up Christmas stocking to make for our church’s silent auction to raise money for our fuel assistance fund! So I am browsing. I love October and November: Nov. is actually one of my favorite months. It’s so. . . empty and still. Not usual for me, so maybe that’s why!

  4. CO, we do something like that on All Saints Sunday. I can imagine how hard that must be as the years go by and the names are more and more familiar.

  5. Becky, my mom knit a Christmas stocking for #1 Son when he was little. Oh, how it stretched!!! We couldn’t fill the darn thing and had to switch to felt!

  6. I know what you mean about Advent – there is something about the anticipation, the hope.
    Last year we started an evening service during Advent where the first part was silent to allow to reflect and listen to the silence. We closed with compline or Evening Prayer. The church was dark except for the little bit of light to be able to see to participate in the service. I remember the silence more than the service. Every one sat on a different row yet we were all one. The silence was so powerful as we entered into a new Christian year.

  7. Putting together my furniture. And running (twice!) to the hardware store to replace crappy Ikea screws.
    It is strange to think of Advent being so close, but I know that it is.

  8. Swedish is filling my days .. anxiety about my not-going- anywhere-at-the-moment seminary studies …
    I loved the advent wreath . I find OT drags on and on …
    back to the swedish adjectives … wondering how anyone could make something like adjectives SO complicated. I will crack this … I will!

  9. Sorry ppb, we are UCC. It’s just that we’re an old E&R church founded by German immigrants who wanted to school their kids in German rather than English, nevermind that it was the mid-19th-century and the middle of the U.S… (grin)

  10. The weather is cooler here and a bit more dry. I’m outside working with plants and doing anything I can to avoid typing the bulletin and writing a sermon.
    Gotta go! The cats need me.

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