The Bolter

She bolted.

No, we don’t have a horse.

But we do have a dog who has an idea that everywhere we are not would be an exciting place to visit.

Last week, Pure Luck and I walked the dogs at Governor Nature Lover Forest Primeval in the middle of City By the Sea. It’s an off-leash area, but it is not completely contained. Earlier in the week, we explored one of the newer paths, in hopes of making this a slightly longer walk and better exercise for me during my coming numerous weeks of dog responsibility. (Which is to say that Pure Luck is indeed far away in Non-Contiguous New England State, where he will be working until mid-November). This path is off the beaten, but if you look closely to the East, you can see it gets fairly near some houses.

Or perhaps I should say that Princess Prettypaws, as she likes to be called, looked closely to the East. She scoped out the scene. When we returned there a few days later, she began running through the woods to our left, parallel to our course, but then veered off sharply.

Pure Luck caught up with her as she sat on the curb of a nearby street, contemplating the porch of the attractive Victorian on the other side.

Do you think she’s trying to tell us something about her preferences in architecture?

So, today Snowman and I decided to keep her on the leash in Governor Nature Lover Forest Primeval. And she was being so good and minding so nicely that when we got back to the other side, to one of the familiar paths, I allowed her off the leash.

Then, with a naughty look over her shoulder at me, she bolted.

Snowman chased her down, and we put her back on the leash.

We proceeded to the green field where dogs romp joyfully, and there we let her off the leash, since it is far from roads and the boundary with a neighboring school is fenced. She began to wrassle with Sam, that good big dog who always minds his mother. And then it happened.

She broke bad.

Off into the woods ran that naughty Molly, with Sam in hot pursuit, and Snowman not far behind. I could hear their varying woofs and roos and cries of "No, Molly, not in the water!! Oh, no! MOM!!!! Call SAM!!!!"

Sam is a good boy. He came right out of the woods and headed straight for me, muddy black paws and all. Meanwhile, I caught glimpses of a dog and her boy running through the trees, back toward the field, where he finally caught her.

Her legs and undercarriage were covered with the blackwater mud.

We leashed them both and walked back to the car. Molly was muddied but unbowed. (At least until we hosed her off, but we will not speak in detail of such indignities.)

Not surprisingly, both dogs ate a good dinner and went right to sleep, happy if a bit damp. And I’m hopeful that Snowman will someday forgive me for asking him to boost Molly into the car.

24 thoughts on “The Bolter”

  1. some day I’ll be able to tell you about MY dog’s day without bursting into frustrated tears, but today is not that day. Glad to hear I”m not the only one….

  2. I feel like getting off the leash and running in the woods at times, too.
    Princess Prettypaws! What a Gal!
    Sorry about the mud and all…
    I like dog stories, three.

  3. Dogs!! Tonight when we were walking Ms. Amie, a poodle across the street started talking some trash in her direction, and before we could blink she had slipped her collar (a first) and bolted across the street to give him what for! We ran after her and grabbed her amid apologies from the poodle’s person and both of us. I guess she would have gummed him to death. Age does not diminish the cattle dog temperament.

  4. My Josie is a very prissy-looking 5-lb Maltese, who glories in rolling in whatever is …. ewww … icky. She especially likes the smelly and the DARK, so that when she arises or is yanked up, she is a white dog with splotches.

  5. loved this … as a doggie family too we can relate oh so well.
    did I tell you hubby wants Mindy to have puppies … even found a father … I think I’m moving out!

  6. What’s in the air this week? Evil Dillon, who had behaved beautifully all through the summer holidays, decided yesterday to revert to his career as a professional escape artist. Fenced garden. Tall locked gate.
    Curate returns home from meeting to discover one jack russell sitting on the front door step, looking ever so slightly embarassed. The Lord only knows where he’d been…but yesterday was dustman day, so I didn’t risk giving him supper last night.aargh.

  7. Silly puppies.
    My family’s dogs have a propensity to do that as well. We finally built a fence for them to cordon of a section of backyard for them to do all their running.

  8. I will happily walk your dogs with you tomorrow.
    But I will not chase…
    For that we will have to bring Snowman.

  9. Zorra, The Boy is another ACD with collar escape talent. The Alpha had to adjust it last night.
    We haven’t been on a walk since my toof disappeared, but there are rumors of bath time tonight. Maybe we will have a warm-up walk to wear down The Boy’s resistance.

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