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On the Mountain

There were no fire alarms.

There was a modicum of listening, and there were a few flashes of insight about my own call.

There were meet-ups with old friends and meals eaten with new acquaintances, and there was shopping for institutional swag and clerical garb.

There was the joy of seeing my son interacting with other young people who are part of the United Church of Christ congregations in Maine, kids he met at camp this past summer, kids who urged him to get more involved, kids who hugged him and included him.

There was spinach in the salad at dinner.  What the fireplace?

There were controversial resolutions and more straightforward ones, too. And while there were those inevitable mind-numbing twists of parliamentary procedure, there is pride at being a member of the Maine Conference of the United Church of Christ, a body whose Annual Meeting voted to decry torture, to be a Fair Trade/Fairly Traded Conference and to bring the message about fairly traded coffee back to our congregations, and, most importantly, voted to work together for the quality and equality of marriage.

Can I get an Amen?

19 thoughts on “On the Mountain”

  1. AMEN! I was there, looking for you a bit, spotted you once, and then chickened out from coming up and saying, “I really enjoy your blog!” But I do, and the final service (which many of you preacher-types had to miss) was transcendent!

  2. I mean, really. Spinach? I felt a little sick when it showed up the second night, too, and didn’t finish dinner. I imagine this was local, but it was still weird.

  3. Amen and amen!
    I LOVE your church. I mean your denomination. If I wasn’t so hopelessly committed to the poor lopsidedy messed up thing that is my own…I’d be there.
    Maybe not in Maine…but there.
    I’m grateful to just get to know about you UCC’ers. What wealth this ring provides!

  4. I do so appreciate the UCC working for the quality and equality of marriage … Aren’t denominational gatherings a blast? I’m looking forward to my denomination’s regional gathering in early November.

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