Friday Five: Boo boo alert

As posted over at RevGalBlogPals by me!

After a tumble in a parking lot the other day, I’m sporting a lovely
abrasion on my leg–so attractive. It’s the same leg I hurt when I fell
off the same pair of sandals on the same sort of uneven pavement in
Edinburgh last month. Will I ever learn to wear less dangerous shoes
and/or pay attention to where I am going? As I drove home to take care
of it I called my husband and said, "Boo boo alert!" Here is our Friday
Five on that subject.

1) Are you a baby about small injuries?

Sadly, yes.

2) What’s the silliest way you have ever hurt yourself?

Using one of my new Cutco knives. After being warned. And after warning everyone within earshot. (And some of them cut themselves, too.)

3) Who took care of your boo-boos when you were a child?

My mother was an excellent nurse. She knew just when to apply ice to the wound or crushed ice with ginger ale to the tummy and the spirit.

4) Are you a good nurse when others have boo-boos?

Much better than I ever would have expected. I’ve dealt pretty well with splinters and bleeding.

5) What’s the worst accidental injury you’ve suffered? Did it require a trip to the Emergency Room?

I’ve sprained each ankle, one of them twice. I’ve fallen down many the mountain and been bitten by the branches, too. But I’ve never had to go to the ER.

I hope you’ll play, too, and I’ll look forward to reading responses when I return from a weekend meeting of my denomination in Ski Country. By then Pure Luck will be off to Non-Contiguous New England State for his fall job in the nuke biz, and my boo boo will be of the heart, not the shin.

7 thoughts on “Friday Five: Boo boo alert”

  1. I can twist my ankle on a half-inch pavement drop-off and break foot bones. 450 miles from home. Let me tell you, 8 hours riding in a car with stabilized but un-set broken bones is quite an exhausting journey.

  2. Oh, I’ve been to the ER, just not for an injury. I was having dramatic vertigo, and someone who feared I had a brain aneurysm called 9-1-1! The ambulance ride was almost as scary as the vertigo.
    And as a child I ate sand and ended up in the ER for abdominal pain I would not explain to the adults around me. At least not at first!

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