Amazing Stories

Parts of the Friday Five became the lead-in to my sermon today, as I described going to church at the White House and my infamous meeting with Mick Fleetwood.

After church today, Snowman said, "You never told me you met Nixon!"

"I have to save some things up," I told him. "Maybe someday I’ll preach about Captain Kangaroo, too."

Captain_kangaroo3"How much you liked him?"

(It’s no secret around here that I am a big fan and most of my favorite childhood books were read to me by him.)

"No. About meeting him."

"You never told me you met Captain Kangaroo!!!"

Yes, I’m full of surprises. (And I think I have his autograph somewhere, too.)

13 thoughts on “Amazing Stories”

  1. oh my gosh… I was raised by Captain Kangaroo – Mr. Green Jean, Mr. Moose, and Bunny Rabbit. I have even a good trivia question for Captain Kangaroo fans.
    I would still watch Captain Kangaroo if he was on… may he rest in peace….

  2. Moi aussi. Give w/ the trivia, Cathy.
    I had a chance to see him when he was doing a book tour in the El-Lay area back in the mid-90s, but the hassle of getting three very small children in a minivan and driving over an hour to a place I’d never been before to meet a man of whom they had no knowledge overcame my desire to see my beloved Captain ‘Roo.

  3. Well, I thought of posting it on my blog (the trivia question that is), but I wanted to keep this comment stream running, so here is the question. The thing is, I don’t remember if it happened only one episode or if it happened this way every time. When Captain Kangaroo’s theme song started the show, the Captain would come onto the set and he would walk to where Mr. Moose and Bunny Rabbit were. How did the theme music stop????
    I am going to post this and answer in the next posting – if you really remember or think I am wrong, tell me, because this piece of trivia is in my mind, and I couldn’t verify it through looking on the ‘net.

  4. Oh my gosh, I just found it, it must be true… I love it when I remember things right!!! I found it on this web site:
    (why it is on this web site I don’t know).
    Anyway, his big set of keys were hung up, the music stopped, when he took them off, the music were begin again.
    Oh my, I am getting nostalgic. I want to watch Captain Kangaroo… I miss him.

  5. OH WOW! I am sooo jealous. I was a kangaphile of the highest order. I really wasn’t sure that Mr. Greenjeans wasn’t me grandfather. They sure did look alike.

  6. I LOVED The Captain — I 4even remember the cartoon he had on offer – “Tom Terrific and his Mighty Wonderdog, Manfred.” The cartoon’s villian was Crabby Appleton.

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