Life List

As seen at The Ice Floe:

Next week, I will see my old friend L.  L. is a birder. Once in a
while, I’d go hiking or walking with L and her husband and her dog.
The two of them (the human two, that is) carried dog-eared bird books,
and small bundles of papers folded over many times.  The papers were
their life lists….lists of every bird they’d ever seen and correctly

I have my own life list: every blogger I’ve ever seen and correctly
identified.  Here it is, in chronological order.  You play, too.

And here is mine:

  1. Phantom Scribbler
  2. romy
  3. reverendmother
  4. mc
  5. St. Casserole
  6. halloweenlover
  7. peripatetic polar bear
  8. cheesehead
  9. reverend mommy
  10. NotShyChiRev
  11. Chaplain Land
  12. Stacey
  13. RevAbi
  14. ChickPastor
  15. girlgonegreat
  16. will smama
  17. Listing Straight
  18. Kathryn

I have also identified 5 mates and 11 offspring and innumerable pets as well.

How about you?

13 thoughts on “Life List”

  1. I admit, as soon as I saw this list, I started thinking — okay, what bloggers within driving distance haven’t I met yet? I could have that list up to 30 by the time the weekend is over.

  2. Songbird, one day I hope you will be on my list. If I get up there, will you show me where to get a good lobster in a hole in the wall place?

  3. Cathy and Songbird, can I join in that hole-in-the-wall Lobster venture? And then my list will be tripled. Is it bad that I’m planning next year’s continuing education in ways that will allow me to meet bloggers?

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