Girl Power

The Contemporary English Version

Small_garden_of_eden_optThe Princess decided that she would use her half hour of reading for school to start reading the Bible. She began at page one, "In the beginning," and so forth.

Soon she came down to the kitchen with a serious expression. "Mom, do you think people call God ‘he’ because that’s what it says in the Bible?"

And that was just Chapter One.

A little later, she returned, now with a disgusted look on her face.

"So we’re just ribs? Ribs who give birth?"

25 thoughts on “The Contemporary English Version”

  1. It’s almost as if her mother is a strong woman of faith who does not compromise when it comes to justice, equality and seeking God’s righteousness.
    By the way, if she wants a set program, I know where one is being posted online that will get her through the whole thing in a year.

  2. Just wait until she gets to the parts saying that she can’t be the head of the family, can’t speak in church and has to keep her hair covered in church.

  3. lol
    I KNEW that child was a superstar! Could she produce a “Princess’s Approved Text”, do you think?
    I know it would sell…

  4. I LOVE THIS!!! I wish I had the “human” week during the season of creation (it was last week) rather than the sky week. I’m trying to figure out if I can work this in anyway. 🙂 Princesss is awesome. ditto her mom.

  5. When I was in probably 5th grade, I decided I was going to read the bible straight through. I got so far as Noah cursing Ham, at which point I went downstairs to see my mother and demanded why Ham had been cursed when Noah was the one who was drunk or naked. How was that fair? I demanded. My mother told me, “I have no idea.” At this point, I decided that the whole book was ridiculous, and I gave up on my bible-reading project. I wish the Princess better luck, especially since she’ll have a mom who can engage with her about these questions!

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