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The Mermaid Hair

As I posted last year, I really didn’t like The Mermaid Chair.

Mermaid_hairSo there was no good reason for watching even a minute of the Lifetime
TV movie version with Kim Basinger as the irritating heroine. But I
found myself captivated by her hair. It was weirdly spiral-curly and
straight at the same time. Do you think it’s possible they thought the
curls looked like seaweed?

As it turns out, it is quite possible to make this book worse. The music was incredibly, unbearably saccharine. Bleh.

Also, the monk? I’m sure the actor is a perfectly nice guy, but I wasn’t buying the attraction.

The husband was much cuter. But then I’ve always liked Bruce Greenwood, even when he played that unpleasant doctor on St. Elsewhere.

If you had to pick an actor to play an irresistible monk, who would it be?

24 thoughts on “The Mermaid Hair”

  1. I’m afraid my default answer on “Who would you cast as…” questions is almost always George Clooney.
    Just ’cause he’s dreamy.

  2. Matthew McConaughey… fell in love with him in the movie Contact with Jodie Foster. But, my bubble was a bit burst when in a magazine story he said that he did not use any deodorant as “a man should smell like a man.” Ewwww…

  3. It is a law of nature. You can’t go wrong with The Clooney.
    While I’m thinking about it Songbird, Salon has a great interview today with your TV boyfriend, Keith Olbermann. It was great, although I remain faithful to Colbert.

  4. My default answer is Dean Cain, who has to be just about the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen, but he’d have to grow his beard to do it. He’s just too cute without it; with it he can even play evil convincingly. Not that the monk would be evil. I still haven’t read The Mermaid Chair, and it sounds like I should skip it. I love Sue Monk Kidd’s nonfiction though.

  5. Look, I adore George Clooney, but he is no monk. Irresistible or otherwise. Nor would he appear in some crappy TV movie. Which also leaves out Alan Rickman, who could be a hot monk.
    I read that book. Blech. Terrible. How did I miss your post on it? The Secret Life of Bees was better, but still pretty pop-fictiony and the ending was absolutely unbelievable in the worst sense of the word “unbelievable.” I haven’t read any of her nonfiction.

  6. Me too! Me too!!
    I HATED “The Mermaid Chair” and gave it away to the used book store as soon as I was done with it. It was such a letdown after “The Secret Life of Bees.”
    Didn’t see the movie version, thankfully.

  7. George Clooney–so not a monk, gorgeous or otherwise.
    Patrick Dempsey, maybe. Denzel Washington, oh my yes. (I take KathyR’s point, but as long as we’re fantasizing, can’t we make it a good movie? not based on a crappy novel?)
    oh! Matthew Perry!!! I just love me some Matthew Perry.
    Robert Downey, Jr., if he can ever manage to stay off the smack.
    I have clearly become far more deeply involved in this idea than is healthy.

  8. Max, welcome!
    I’m right there with you on RD, Jr. And my husband doesn’t even like me to see Denzel Washington movies. But my most recent TV crush is Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, formerly of Oz and currently on Lost, where he plays a drug lord turned fake priest. Now *that’s* a candidate for fallen monk, isn’t it?

  9. Robert Downey, Jr., definitely. and Alan Rickman would be amazing, though I wouldn’t have thought of that myself.
    Matthew Perry?? As a monk??? A monk with deep smouldering fires? I don’t see it.
    How about Gabriel Byrne?
    OK [quick head shake, deep breath], back to work.
    P.S. The thing I didn’t like about Bruce Greenwood’s character on St. Elsewhere, my all time favorite TV show forever, was when the writers got bored with him and decided it was time for him to get religion. Totally ridiculous and icky, as Hollywood’s treatmetn of that subject generally is.

  10. I liked the book. (I didn’t know it had been made into a movie.) Okay, parts were weird and it wasn’t as good as _Secret Life of Bees_ or any of her non-fiction, but I still think it’s worth reading. I probably already said that the last time we all discussed the book.
    How about Russell Crowe for the monk? I think he’d look right in a dark robe.

  11. Dreamy monks…..
    I’m thinking sensitive, strong, thoughtful, unassuming, pale….
    Greg Wise
    (He’s Emma Thompson’s husband and played bad boy Willoughby in Sense and Sensibility…He’s very dreamy.)

  12. Ooh, Gabriel Byrne. Ooh, yes, yes.
    Clive Owen is almost as good. Which one of us said, “I feel dirty, and not in a ‘where’s Clive Owen when you need him?’ sort of way”? Killer remark.
    Alan Rickman, me likey.
    Adore Clooney with all my heart, but he’s no monk.

  13. I liked the book too. And as for the monk, I’m going with Matthew McConaughey, who I thought of before I read samtzmom’s comment. Of course, I may not spend as much time as some of you daydreaming over brooding, dark men. Now ask me who should have played the Basinger role…

  14. I was annoyed by the book. Listened to it on tape recently. Annoyed again. Glad I didn’t know it was going to be a MFT movie.
    For the monk, I like Johnny Depp. 😉

  15. I’m all Alan Rickman, all the time.
    But – I agree he wouldn’t waste time on this. How ’bout Kevin Kline? Maybe he could play the part like Otto in “A Fish Called Wanda”. It couldn’t hurt.
    (I’m so glad to know there are others out there who hated that damn bee story. I haven’t read the mermaid monstrosity.)

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