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  1. It means disconnect the water line from the back and turn it off (note: may be harder than it sounds).
    Congratulations, you no longer have an automatic ice-maker. (At least, that was the decision we made when ours did that.)

  2. What DogBlogger said. And if you don’t have an automatic icemaker at all, and still have a stream of water, I would check your freezer temperature settings — it may be melting ice.
    Good luck, Songbird.

  3. The good news is we found a valve to turn off in the basement that leads only to the icemaker.
    When I bought this house, I had to replace the appliances, and I bought a small, cheap refrigerator. It’s been in the back of my mind to replace it anyway. So, what features do I want? Big freezer drawer below with refrigerator above? Or side by side with crushed ice through the door? What works for you?

  4. I don’t know: Water in the Fridge(!) just doesn’t have the right ring to it. Neither does Water on the Floor(!).
    As for what to get, I’ve vowed to some day end up with one of those cool-looking silver fridges.

  5. Check out the energy rating on them. I wish whoever bought the fridge in this house did. It’s a side by side and I hate it, plus it’s inefficient. I would love a freezer on bottom with the two doors that open to the fridge on top. But for all I know that is a power sucker. We have water and ice in the door, the kids love it. I rarely use it.

  6. I ADORE my 1-year-old fridge with water, ice, AND crushed ice in the door. First time I’ve had a fridge with a working ice maker, so a big step up for moi!
    I think you should get one of those fridges with a TV in the door. Not that anyone needs that, but then you could tell us what that is like…would you end up with a bumper sticker that says, “Kill your fridge”?

  7. Mary Beth, somewhere we heard a reference (Jon Stewart, maybe?) to the ultimate being a recliner that doubles as a toilet combined with a TV that shoots food into your mouth. TV on the fridge seems a dangerous turn in that direction!

  8. laughing at the comments.
    keep the fridge simple and energy efficient, though the biggest waster of energy is opening the door and standing there thinking “what shall I cook today?” … better to keep it closed and call a day of fasting!

  9. Oh how I wish I had been online when this was posted, for I would have said…”Get that fridge to the hospital…it’s about to give birth.”
    I’d love to have an icemaker again…the manse fridge is roughly 1970’s technology-wise, though it’s only about 10 years old.

  10. Refrigerator Update:
    1) I went to the grocery store this morning and bought ice cube trays. I hate ice cube trays. I want my automatic ice!
    2) When I started unloading groceries, I noticed that there is a dip in the floor of the refrigerator under the produce drawers, and each of those was filled with water.
    3) Pure Luck used the baster to get most of the water cleaned up. Yay him!
    4) Now the bottom part of the refrigerator, including drawers, is really clean.
    5) I used some of my icemaker ice. I realize it won’t last forever, but I’m hoping to ration it out for a few days.
    6) I guess tomorrow I’ll go to Sears and start comparison-shopping for a new one. (Without a TV!)

  11. I am such a klutz that I cannot have ice and water in the door or they will end up on the floor — and I think that’s exactly why you’re replacing the fridge, right? Anyway, I love the fridge on the top and freezer on the bottom. I could never get anything larger than a stick of butter in the side-by-side model. Buy the kind that makes you happy. You’re a great cook, so your fridge will do much more than just stand there and look pretty.

  12. I am late commeting but I just want to say I LOVE my ice maker and the water and ice (cubes and crushed) I get through the door. Not as crazy about side by side, but it may be because the space it is in isn’t the best–one door can’t really open as wide as possible.

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