Tonight was the 6th Grade Barbecue at Renowned Middle School. For years teachers from around the country have come to observe and take ideas about expeditionary learning home with them. The diverse student population includes native speakers of 28 languages. The Princess follows her brothers there, and if she repeats her experience from elementary school, she will be the happiest of all.

Renowned Middle School has a "house" system, in which the student body is divided into two groups. You stay in the same house all three years. Teachers loop for 6th and 7th grade, and a new set takes over in 8th. When we arrived, the kids were just finding out their house assignments. Smartypants and Best-All-Around came running to meet The Princess, and although I was too far away to hear what they said, the happy squeals revealed that they will be together.  (Call My Cellphone‘s family moved to a far suburb, which is the only real grief of this move to middle school.)I am thrilled about the teachers, although I certainly liked the set from the other house, too (Snowman had some of them four years ago). The math teacher is a laidback older guy, and given her math
anxiety, he is a gift from God in our lives. The Language Arts teacher
never had either of our older boys, but she knew them and knew where
they were in school, too, amazingly. 

Somehow we managed not to eat and ended up driving through McDonald’s after the event. (It might have something to do with my inclination to work the room like a politician.)I commented that it was more expensive to go there now that everyone in the family orders from the adult menu.

"Sorry I’m a money hole," said The Princess with a grin.

"All children are money holes," I replied.

"Except the children who are neglected," she retorted.

"Isn’t there something in between the two?"

"You mean between money holes and child abuse?" Then, pleased with herself, she said, "That’ll blog!"

16 thoughts on “Bar-B-Q!”

  1. A blogger in the making!!
    Hey, in your room-working, did you run into my brother-in-law? Actually, probably not since he is teaching eighth graders. But once again he is loving teaching there. It’s a great place.

  2. mc, I did not see him, but I did speak of him with Kindly Mr. Math Teacher. This was 6th grade teachers, principal types, social workers and special ed teachers, as far as I could tell. You can’t believe the thought that went into the arranging of the hair. She does not get that from me. Maybe my late mother-in-law, who had gifts in that area.

  3. I’m glad you posted about the BBQ — I was wondering today how it all went. The school sounds amazing, which makes it a great place for the amazing Princess!

  4. Oh, right, you said 6th grade BBBQ right there in the beginning. Boy, have my reading comprehension skills diminished in the last four months! As for the hair… I am getting so much joy out of reading all the back to school stuff in the blogosphere and imagining Ess going through it one day. She will have hair eventually, right?!?

  5. Ah… that sounds like a humane approach to middle school. We work on surviving the traditional 6th-8th grade stew pot of hormones, pre-hormones and tired parents… and our back-to-school night is tomorrow!
    Life is interesting, anyway. (I’M sure not bored!)

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