The Remains of the Day

Left Behind
(or What His Mother Found)

Allergy Medicine in the Refrigerator
Decrepit Toothbrush in the Cup
Stacks of Books Against the Wall
Dirty Laundry on the Floor
Abandoned Shoes in the Vestibule
Relieved Sibling Roommate

The Lords of Discipline
(or How Snowman Ends His Vacation)

  1. Summer Reading Finished
  2. Room Cleaned
  3. Clarinet Practiced
  4. New Jeans and Corduroys Purchased
  5. Tennis Match Played
  6. Friend Troubles Mended

Little Women
(or The Princess Prepares for Middle School)

  • Join a band!
  • Get a haircut!!
  • Ask Mom about blue streak for hair!!!
  • Use mousse!!!
  • Buy jeans in the Women’s department!!!! (Size 4!!!!)
  • Redecorate bedroom!!!!!
  • TALK ON THE PHONE A LOT!!!!!!!!!!

22 thoughts on “The Remains of the Day”

  1. I love the exclamation points!!!!!
    Snowman cleans his room??
    Seriously, can he marry Wondergirl in 10-12 years? Think of the beautiful grandbabies…

  2. The Princess is singing and playing keyboards in a friend’s band. She is also hoping to start doing percussion in the Middle School Band. As to the blue streak, I can only refer you to Liesl Von Trapp’s request for champagne and her father’s response: “NO!!(Maybe in high school, I said.)

  3. Did she want to bleach-and-dye a blue streak in her hair, or just use the spray-on stuff? Either way, probably better not to start middle school with bright blue hair.
    We have our first day of middle school tomorrow. I’m trying to be nonchalent, but it’s a challenge.

  4. It takes a while to get used to reminders of the ones who aren’t there, I occassionaly serve out too many dinners… less occassionaly forget somone is home and don’t do enough!!

  5. The Kid was in middle school when he wanted blue hair, pierced ear and black nail polish. He had blue gel,abd some semi-permanent dye but I wouldn’t let him bleach his hair to use the stronger dye. He wore black nail polish for year and then was tired of it. And once I said yes to the pierced ear, for his 13th bd,he gave up the idea. Just something about middle school, I guess.

  6. One thing she doesn’t want is piercing. She’s afraid it will hurt. We’re a pretty risk-averse bunch of Puritans around here where our own bodies are concerned. She did have a manicure and ask for blue fingernail polish with silver glitter chevron decorations, but that seems to be as far as she wants to go.
    And just to prove that he is not as organized as my list for him, Snowman came into my room last night, sat on the bed and told me all about the French material he didn’t do over the summer. Guess what he’ll be doing today? (School starts tomorrow.)

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