Thoughts for a Monday Afternoon

* Pure Luck and Snowman went to a political protest the other day. Nothing has changed as a result. Do you suppose this is why Pure Luck drove to a neighboring state on a rainy day for a camping and hiking trip? And do you think he will come back to civilization someday?

* The Domestic Goddess began her labors here today. I felt just as much a creature of Chaos last night as I did when anticipating her visit here last Monday. She didn’t get very far. She tells me it will get better. Did you know mopping can be problematic without a bucket? (And do you know what happened to my bucket?)

* I had every intention of sending a birthday present to spectacular one-year-old twins, but the goodies are still in the side pocket of my big canvas bag. My cats keep trying to climb inside it. I wonder why?

* The weather here is damp and chilly. It feels like fall. Why did I complain about the heat? And when may I turn on the furnace?

* #1 Son has a lot of stuff. It *is* all going back to college with him, right?

* Snowman’s clarinet spent some time with Old Fellow Who Turned Out to Be the Wizard of Horns. It sounds great, and he tells me it feels great, too. His teacher, Dr. First Clarinet, wants to expand his lessons to an hour starting next week. I’m happy for him (and I’ll think about how much more it costs when the moment to write the check comes).

* For some reason, we feel the need for cake tonight. Do you remember this recipe ? If you haven’t tried it, you really should.

* Do you think people will tease you if you apply makeup at school? (That one is from The Princess.)

* I think your mother will freak.right.out. if you apply makeup anywhere outside a rousing game of dress-up. That’s what I think.

Edited to add:
* There are 3985 comments on this blog since I moved over from Blogger last September. I am thinking up a prize for Commenter #4000.

52 thoughts on “Thoughts for a Monday Afternoon”

  1. I don’t remember seeing that cake recipe the first time around…I may have to steal that one. Are you a pecan lover, by chance? I’ll have to reciprocate with my infamous Praline Cookie recipe if you are. I gave bags of them away for Christmas gifts last year, and was immediately beseiged for more. We called it “Christmas Crack.” I know, terrible, right? But it was just that addictive.

  2. The weather here is also damp and chilly. In fact, most of August has been on the chilly side, though it wasn’t damp until this past weekend. I’m feeling kind of cheated out of our last days to appreciate summer.

  3. Yeah, ditto on the “where was I when Songbird posted that Achocalypse cake?” I know cake is not so much on the diet, but we could use a treat around here, too.
    People who are going to tease you will be on the lookout for something to tease you about. So “yes,” but consider the source…

  4. FWIW, I tried making a variation on that cake using vanilla cake mix and vanilla pudding mix (because of the inexplicable numbers of chocolate refuseniks in this family). It was pretty good, too. Maybe not Apocalypse good, but close.

  5. I’m going to have to go feed my family in a moment. I just know someone else is going to swoop in and win that cake, I mean prize, while I’m away. My heart, it is broken.

  6. If only I could figure out how to make the winking smiley face (or is that only in Haloscan?), I would totally be making it at Phantom. And, yes, I would like some cake, too!

  7. The Princess is 11 and about to begin Middle School. She received about 100 colors of lip gloss for her birthday from several different friends and seems to feel it is A-OK to wear it out of the house. Very sneaky.

  8. Oh, no. You said nothing about awarding cake to the winner. I was merely suggesting that perhaps cake would be an appropriate way to reward the lucky winner. You know, in case you needed some ideas…

  9. A hint? Did somebody say a hint? Why, a hint would cheer me up so much that I’d almost forget that I just ate half a box of stale ginger creme cookies because it was the closest I could get to cake.

  10. To hell with the comment count, someone in the Midwest needs to make that cake, and quickly. What, me? Date night tomorrow you say? Eh, we’ll see.

  11. the age for wearing makeup AT school gets lower and lower! DD is ONLY 14 and you’ve seen how she looks
    but I’m all getting a prize of 99 shades of lipgloss (think you have to give phantom scribbler 1 for sheer persistence!
    and yeah it’s autumy here today too

  12. I’m late to the party, but can I have some cake. That sounds delicious.
    If I remember correctly my first make-up came in 6th grade and it was lipgloss and a blusher that was so pale that no one could have possibly noticed that I was wearing either. However, it made me feel very junior high.

  13. You’re welcome for the cake, but I must reiterate it comes from The Cake Mix Doctor. And that the batter climbs the beaters if you don’t watch it.
    Ah yes, the “I’m going into middle school and I want to wear make-up.” We did that last year. See post at my place Oct. 17, 2005.
    Argggh. Typepad eats URLs!

  14. Is there any cake left at all or just the little bits clinging to the side of pan??
    I think KLee should give up her Praline Cookie recipe to us to savor for ourselves!!
    Why are these girls in such a hurry to grow up? We get there all too soon as it is.
    I like the lipgloss idea.

  15. The beautiful thing is how easy it is to make. Really, really easy. Camera Obscura, you may not have invented it, but you get many points for sharing it!

  16. Biscuits, Linda. Digestive biscuits. And crikey, hold a serviette under it to catch the crumbs. Please keep Britain tidy. (Messy wankers really get up my nose.)

  17. I am the proud owner of a holographic copy of The Cake Recipe, written in the hand of the One and Only Songbird. I received this prize in one of Mindy’s famous swaps. This one was for recipes, natch.
    Ummmmm, CAAAAKE.
    I am saving this recipe for a time when the highest bidder will give me enough money for it that I can invest in the Chocolate Digestive Biscuit industry.
    (Cause I have a copy machine.)
    OR maybe I’ll frame it and add to my kitchen decor. 🙂

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