23pluto190On the way to the dog park, we listened to "All Things Considered" and heard with some surprise that Pluto is no longer considered to be a planet.

"You know times are tough," intoned my husband, "when the solar system has to tighten its Belt."

This was apparently a reference to the Kuiper Belt.

(Any pun in a storm.)

I would like to know what My Very Elegant Mother is going to do now?

At least Gustav Holst can rest in peace.

14 thoughts on “Downsizing”

  1. Yep. It’s a study of how humans different from other mammals, for most of whom sex is merely procreative and not recreational. Pure Luck is a big fan of the author’s and just finished reading a couple of his much longer books. This one is pretty slender compared to his other works. (And honestly I’m more interested in the other book I’m reading, although Diamond is amusing.)

  2. Bloody Anglophiles. Britain is very nice, but it isn’t better than sex. ‘Close your eyes and think of England’ indeed.

  3. I’ve read recently that Pluto is not only being kept as a planet, but that 2 more Kuiper bodies have been added along with Sedna (beyond Pluto). So don’t look now, but it seems like 12…

  4. Peter, I heard that yesterday, but today’s news says they went in the other direction. I’ve added a link above to the story in the NY Times.

  5. Here is what I posted on the Daily Kos on this very topic:
    What we need are some new words to avoid any confusion. Or better yet we need a few more acronyms (Hey it works for the military, or it’s done a lot anyway). We need words/acronyms for –
    Chunk of sun orbiting rock (COSOR)*
    Ball of sun orbiting rock (BOSOR)**
    Ball of non fusing sun orbiting gas (BONFSOG)
    Chunk of sun orbiting ice (COSOI)
    Ball of sun orbiting ice (BOSOI)
    *For those without enough mass to hold a spherical shape.
    ** For those with enough mass to hold a spherical shape.
    You could also add an ‘a’ to the end of the ice and rock designations to indicate the presence of a substantial atmosphere.
    Thus Earth would be a BOSORA. Ceres would be a BOSOR. Pluto would be a BOSOIA, Vesta would be a COSOR and most of the things way out there on the fringes would be COSOI. And if you are wondering the moon would be a BOEOR (ball of earth orbiting rock), whereas Titan would be a BOSaORAIA (ball of Saturn orbiting rock and ice with atmosphere).
    Wheew. I am glad that problem is solved now, although I admit the word for gas giant is a little unwieldy.

  6. Ah, Holst. Another reason why I love me some Songbird.
    And I have a Garrison Keillor quote that I’ve been waiting to unleash: “People have tried, and they have tried, but sex is not better than sweetcorn.”

  7. purechristianithink, yes, he’s still in the pantheon. This is just a little cosmetic surgery, if you will, a divine lipo-butt-tuck.

  8. cosmetic surgery? More like cosmic surgery I think. We have just experienced a planetectomy. If only we could demote the Plutocrats as easily as their namesake.

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