There is nothing like company to inspire household reorganization.

Later today, Childhood Friend arrives with her family. There will be some serious cleaning in the meantime. (Where did I get all this yarn? Why is it bigger than its storage facililities? And did someone destroy a small forest to generate all the paper in my house? And could the dogs and cats stop shedding for!?)

Further, in five weeks, I, great visitor of RevGals, will have an overnight RevGal guest. (I’m a little excited. Hold on a minute. SQUEE!!!!) Her visit gives purpose to my longheld plan of making #1 Son’s old bedroom, now a junk heap with an elliptical machine in the middle of the room, into a proper guest space.

The kitchen, however, will not be painted by this evening, or even next month. I hope they will love me anyway.

Time to tie my hair back and get moving.

Edited to Add: Does anyone have a solution to my shoe problem? My children and husband come into the house and take off their shoes immediately. The kids have been trained to do this at their dad’s house. But at their dad’s house they have one pair of shoes. At this house, there are dozens. We end up with a pile of shoes behind the door in the vestibule.  Any suggestions for storage? In our climate, you really don’t want the shoes tracking through the house.

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  1. Shoe suggestion: You can buy a shoe organizer that goes over a door. Might not be ideal for mud season, but at least it gets them out of the way. Target has some other neat shoe organizing ideas.
    Or you can by a low set of shelves (one or two feet high) to store the shoes more out of the way.

  2. eeerrrmmmm…..mine are all by my bedroom door so I do no think I am the right person to give advice. I am beginning to think that the sparkles and bling on my shoes are adding to the room. ~grins~
    Have a good visit!

  3. Ikea has a bench that doubles as a shoe holder. Don’t know if you have room for something like that, but it’s nice looking.
    Otherwise, I’d vote for the over the door hanger.

  4. Of course I’ll still love you. (Squee!)
    I wish I knew what the shoe solution is, but as you know, I am part of the problem.

  5. Ugh, I’m part of the problem, too. Songbird, you have to let us know what you decide on the shoe-storage front… I’d love to do something about the stack of shoes by our back door.

  6. At our house I’d celebrate if the shoes ended up in a big pile or at least in matched sets. There is a tiny sandal in the dining room and it’s mate is inching into the living room. I’m sure there are a few in the entry and the bathroom probably has one and maybe one sock with it. I wonder how my dd developed this behavior. Mr. Neat almost always takes his off in the bedroom. Sometimes, I leave mine under the computer desk, or the kitchen or even in the hallway and can’t remember where I left them. Maybe I don’t need to wonder.
    Obviously I have no suggestions in the shoe battle.

  7. We take off our shoes wherever we happen to be, and then the dogs carry them wherever THEY happen to GO.
    We can never find our shoes.
    You would think that we would, therefore, learn not to be so slovenly. You would be wrong. If you come to my house you have to be careful not to trip over the shoes & assorted other dog toys.

  8. Okay, your kids are too old for this, but our new solution at our house is the mom basket. I periodically go through the house picking up everything left befind, and I put it in the mom basket. Which then goes in my closet. And retrieval of said items costs the owner 10 cents per item. It worked in the beginning. Now, they’re choosing to leave the items in the basket forever. So, maybe I’m without a solution here. Oh well.

  9. Shoe rack, mud room bench with shoe rack underneath,
    I haven’t solved this problem at our house either due to lack of space for either of the above two items.

  10. I love the LL bEan shoe benchy thing, but have no room for it. Good luck with that. My shoes are all over the apartment.

  11. my grandparents have one of those bench things with cubby holes in it. it’s cool. I want one. Or maybe theirs. 🙂 I recommend highly.

  12. We *do* love you . . . and all the wonderful Songbird family. Pure Luck lives up to his name: I love to see you happy.
    We keep our many pairs of shoes in a mountain by the back door and I occasionally bellow, “All children downstairs to retrieve your shoes!” only to find that most of the shoes belong to the adults in the house. Oh well, I still feel better after a good bellow.

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