St. Andrews and Edinburgh

  St. Andrews Cathedral 
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Our visit to Edinburgh coincided with #1 Son’s day off from acting, and he joined us on a day trip to St. Andrews. It was a gift to be with all three children in a place where we were beyond reach of cellphones, computers and other electronic distractions. (Although the lack of such communication tools created some worry for #1 Son when he was running late and had no way to reach us while we awaited him at Waverley Station.) We walked around the town, explored beaches, cathedral and castle, had a marvelous meal filled with laughter and pleasure in being together, and even managed a little kilt-shopping for The Princess.

In the gift shop at the castle, we picked up a few souvenirs. I asked if I could use my credit card, and the cashier said, "In Scotland we take any kind of money…but perhaps not sheep so much anymore."

He asked where we were from and identified our home state with fog and with Stephen King.

The next day we spent all over Edinburgh before seeing #1 Son’s play in the late afternoon. The Princess and I enjoyed Holyrood Palace while Pure Luck and Snowman climbed Arthur’s Seat and The Crags. We met up in the afternoon to tour Edinburgh Castle and view the Scottish Crown Jewels.

We also viewed the surrounding landscape. Just before we left home, Pure Luck said something about Edinburgh being on the coast, and I said, "No, it’s not. I was there in 1981, and I don’t remember water." As you can see from this picture, he was most certainly right. I can only plead fog (or too many pints with my college friends).

Meanwhile, Snowman worked on his Scottish accent and is still calling things "Grreht." (Great.)

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  1. Y’know, I just really have a hard time considering the Firth of Forth as “the coast”. Saying Edinburgh sits on the coast is like saying that, oh, Baltimore does. Yeah, you can get on a boat there, but…

  2. Can you be homesick for a place you visited only once, for a day? The picture makes me homesick for St. Andrew’s. Glad y’all got to go there.

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