Jet Lag

I woke before the sun, cleaned the bathtub, went out early for good coffee and a trip to the bakery, took the dogs to the dog park, retrieved my laptop from the Geek Squad and went to the drugstore, all before 11 a.m.

Driving home I thought about all the things I needed to do:

Laundry for four people
grocery shopping
replace shower curtain liner
finish going through mail hastily sorted last night
fix home-cooked meal
start on some housecleaning, because I’m interviewing a cleaning lady on Monday (Don’t even say it. I know.)
Exercise on the elliptical
Write a brilliant post about our trip, combining reflections on the state of the world with rhapsodizing about Edinburgh, the Cotswolds, family and friends
Reply to all your comments about Digestives

In the ten hours since then, I have done the following:

Sit on couch with laptop
Catch up on blogs and e-mail
Watch Vicar of Dibley, Series 1 and Mona Lisa Smile while starting to knit a baby blanket
Forget I’m watching the DVDs and realize five minutes have gone by and I don’t know what’s happened
Feel generally malaise-y
Ask Pure Luck to drive children to engagements with friends and to pick them up again later because of what I said immediately above

I suspect this is jet lag.

Oh, well. There’s always tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Jet Lag”

  1. Except for the malaise-y part, this sounds like a perfectly lovely day.

  2. And what is the issue with the cleaning lady????
    Your day after a lengthy trip and jet lag sounds perfectly acceptable to me!

  3. Heh…there are two reasons why we clean for the cleaning lady at our house:
    1- Because my roomies are such slobs, they don’t want ANYONE else to know how messy they are
    2- Because every minute she stays costs them money
    Welcome back…glad you got back safely 🙂

  4. It’s all lovely…specially the cleaning lady! During one brief and halcyon period after the birth of TW I had a cleaner,- but always felt the need to tidy before she came, so I absolutely relate to your feelings. But if you do it once, you’ll have to do it every time, thereby rendering the sainted woman unnecessary…Anyway, now you’ve experienced life in the raw at the Curate’s house, how can you ever believe anywhere else is in need of tidying ever again??! x

  5. We have to move our stuff out of the way before the cleaning lady (ladies) come. It’s part of the “rules” of the service we use. Otherwise, how can they vacuum, dust or clean countertops?

  6. Okay, now I’m seriously missing my cleaning friend! (I’d call her a cleaning lady, but she really was more like a friend.) AND, I need a new shower curtain liner too, for the impending maternal visit. Pick up one for me when you go out, eh?

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