The Biscuit Smuggler

Safety was foremost on our minds as we flew this way and that across the ocean over the past week. In each hotel room, we looked for TV news about airport delays and the arrests of (alleged) terrorists. But nothing thrilled Snowman more than the pictures of the Beagle Brigade, or as the Brits call them, the Sniffer Dogs. We saw them on the telly, sniffing luggage outside Beantown Airport, and we saw them on the street in Edinburgh. This morning at Heathrow a Spaniel Sniffer Dog wandered through the ticketing line and paid us no mind.

As we went through Customs at Beantown this afternoon, Snowman glanced over and saw a beautiful Beagle in a working vest, paired with a young woman in uniform. They walked our way. In fact, they headed straight for us, Sniffer Beagle leading the way. "Find it," said her partner. She passed me by and went to Snowman, indicating his pantleg with a paw in the air.

"Are you carrying food?"

Snowman looked in his pocket. "Oh! I have some cookies!"

I said, "We got cookies on the plane."

The handler seemed satisfied and moved on with the Brilliant Beagle.

We moved on through Customs. After we got outside, Snowman spoke softly to me: "Mom, they weren’t from the plane. Those were the Digestives from the hotel. I totally forgot I had them."

My son, the Biscuit Smuggler.

21 thoughts on “The Biscuit Smuggler”

  1. Yay, you are home. A biscuit smuggler, eh? Let’s hope he doesn’t work his way up to something stronger, like Yorkshire pudding.

  2. Mmm, McVities! What a yummy thing to bring home (legitimately or otherwise). Welcome back!

  3. oh how i love mcvities digestives….i wish you had smuggled some for me!! I seriously thought about bringing some from Egypt (why can’t I export an import?), but I ate them all before I got the chance to pack them. sad.
    glad you’re back!

  4. Another McVities fan here. Why can’t I find a reliable source for them stateside? There was a British tea shop in Portland that used to have them, but then they closed. I’d say they are definetly worth smuggling.

  5. I did that one time with a blood orange from Italy…forgot I had it. But the dog didn’t find me. Mwa ha ha.
    I had a few bad minutes though.
    I ate it in the parking lot. ‘Twas delicious!

  6. I’m glad you are home safely.
    Tell Snowman if he is going to smuggle McVities, he ought to at least get the ones covered in dark chocolate ….

  7. I just saw a website the other day that imports McVities… hang on. Well bugger, I thought there was a link from my sister’s blog — she and her hubs just spent two weeks tromping the Dales. Where did I see that? They were cheaper than I can get them at the local Brit shop.
    Well, Google gives this:
    You can also get Wine Gums (There’s Joose Loose Aboot This Hooose!):
    And Jelly Babies:
    When we moved back to El-Lay from Surrey, I grabbed a Jelly Baby poster and a Mr. Blobby poster. They’re in Daughter’s room, altho she has no idea who Mr. Blobby is. I just remember him smothering Richard Branson…

  8. I love me some digestive biscuits…and as for “accidently” sneaking things into the country in our pants, I plead the 5th.
    Welcome home!

  9. If Homeland Security shows up at your door, you can always call the ACLU.
    We’ve got your back.

  10. I’d smuggle them. I could get them easily when I was in Korea…ate them practically every day. With a little peanut butter spread on them, they are just heavenly, although I’ve never tried the dark chocolate covered ones of which jo(e) speaks. I can only imagine how good those are.

  11. ooh, chocolate covered….
    in Egypt sometimes (if we were very lucky) we could get the ones with caramel AND chocolate. oh yum.
    i just ate a snack in the middle of writing this comment, it made me so hungry.

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