Heathrow Blogging

We got to the airport very, very early this morning, having seen images on BBC and SkyNews of travelers queueing under tents outside the terminal. But the line was reasonable and the wait bearable. An extremely perky "sniffer dog" came through the line and took a whiff of our luggage. We had time for a last enormous English breakfast, some sort of game that allowed Snowman to shoot at things on a screen, t-shirt shopping for Pure Luck and 20 minutes of Internet for yours truly. Soon we will go through security and begin the journey home.

It has been wonderful to be in Scotland and England. My prayer is no hijinks of any sort on the flight home and that I don’t wish for the ibuprofen I had to check.

More when we get home.

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  1. Oh, I’m so glad to hear it’s gone well so far. I’ve thought of you over the last week and wondered how the traveling — and the vacationing — was going.

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