Dear All,
The flight was smooth, if not the wait. Edinburgh wonderful; #1 Son brilliant!
Considering UCC New Church Start in Cotswolds. Pooh Sticks locations plentiful. Kathryn’s family beyond delightful. Aunt Songbird popular with dogs! (Younger son of Kathryn popular with The Princess…)
Today, Glastonbury for girls, hike ’round crest of Cheltenham for boys. Tomorrow, London. Friday, home.
Much love,

32 thoughts on “POSTCARD FROM ENGLAND”

  1. Oh! It’s wonderful to hear from you and know that all is well- in fact better than well- you are having a great time!
    Thank you- keep enjoying–

  2. Hmph. I detect a total lack of “wish you were here” in this postcard.
    Glad you’re safely there and having a great time.

  3. This house feels so empty now, with only the 5 of us…and Dillon is sulking cos nobody will play with him and his new toy.
    It’s been sooo lovely.
    Please let’s do it again soon.
    Many hugs to all xxxx

  4. lol
    the above is what happens if you let the Songbirds infiltrate your life…
    Before you know it, even your own computer wishes you were Songbird in person and adjusts itself accordingly.
    Ah well,- I fear I’ve brought it to recognise the harsh truth now!

  5. So envious!! Enjoy and Savor! Have a great time.
    Looking forward to Edinburgh, Iona and toodling around Scotland next month.
    Journey well and safely.
    I hear the shopping’s good or at least interesting in London.

  6. I feel about you as I do for my other younger sister: I can’t seem to relax until I know she is back in the States.
    Traveling mercies to you and yours.

  7. Stupid Question for the Day: What are Poohsticks?
    Anyway, I’m so glad to hear that everything is going so well. It sounds like everyone is having a blast and, of course, I’m delighted to hear that #Son was brilliant. Woohoo!

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