We are still awaiting the arrival of the heat wave, but there has been one casualty of heat exhaustion in this household already: my laptop.

After several weeks of overheating and shutting herself down, Persephone (yes, we name our computers) went to sleep last night and refused to wake up this morning. I felt much like Demeter as I saw Hades carrying her away.

Really, it was just the nice guy from the Geek Squad, but you get the idea, I’m sure. It’s probably the fan. No one is suggesting the hard drive is endangered, thank goodness.

It may be as long as 2 or 3 three weeks before she is returned to me. Since I am on vacation, this is perhaps better timing than during an active work cycle, which is to say the rest of the year.

Pure Luck has loaned me his laptop for the moment. I do not dare say the duration, for that has not been promised. I’ve instructed Firefox to remember a few passwords. I have been forbidden to download anything weather-related. Do you think I could get away with Sage? I will miss the feed reader, if not.

My non-blogger e-mail is all accessed through Thunderbird, so I am without that e-mail address book. But I can get to the e-mails via webmail, and switch my e-mail lists to read on the web.

I have absorbed two lectures about backing up my documents. It’s been a while since I did it. Patterns and recipes added recently, and all writing of the past few months, are locked inside Persephone.

Let’s hope she doesn’t eat those pomegranate seeds.

41 thoughts on “Abduction”

  1. Pure Luck’s Rules of Laptop use:
    1) No open containers of liquid near the laptop, and yes that means coffee too.
    2) No blogging from the bathroom.
    3) No messy food near the laptop.
    4) No applying makeup at the laptop.
    5) No removing makeup at the laptop.
    6) Users must wash hands (and dry them) before using the laptop.
    7) No nifty downloads of faeries, elves or other tray-clogging mythological creatures not even if their tiny arrows burst into blazing flowers revealing the local relative humidity.
    8) Absolutely no using Internet Spyware Explorer or Outlook Virus Express.
    9) Minimize breathing in the vicinity of the laptop.
    10) No cat blogging.

  2. Pure Luck’s rules remind me of the old SNL “commercial” about Happy Fun Ball.
    My favorite disclaimer: “Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.”
    This is my nightmare, actually, since I don’t back up the personal stuff regularly. Everything else goes on the work server, but I didn’t want my personal stuff there. So I’m living on borrowed time, I suppose.

  3. I’m sorry, that was too many insider geek-secret brand names in one post for me to recognise.
    Don’t get me started on the Greek you whipped out for the occasion…I told you: I am completely and totally mojo-less.
    I do, however, have a laptop.

  4. Thunderbird is Mozilla’s e-mail program. Sage is an extension you can use with Mozilla as a feed reader, sort of like Bloglines only much, much better.

  5. Sorry for the short answer, I had to hide my Pepsi over crushed ice because I heard Pur–
    Nothing to see here. These aren’t the drinks you’re looking for…

  6. So Pure Luck… have those rules always been in place for your laptop and if so then where, pray tell, do you put on your make up?
    And let us all just assume that #2 is a given (err, the rule I mean).

  7. Awww Songbird.
    Aww Pureluck can you lighten up just a bit?
    My laptop was getting hot also, too hot. So I bought a cooling fan thingie from BestBuy today, they had it on sale. Boy could I notice the difference. Hey do you Thunderbird? I downloaded the software, but haven’t installed it yet, I was trying to decide.
    And I am really loving Firefox and its extensions.
    Hope computer comes back with no damage, and no lost fiiles.

  8. Ahahahahahahahahahahaha….gasp…wheeze. I was going to comment on the wit and humor of the post, but then I read the comments, finishing up with willsmama, and I cannot typle anymore because I am laughing so hard I’m helpless….hahahahahahahahahahah….

  9. WM: The rules have been in place since SB asked me to write them and I put my makeup on in the car while driving of course. I mean jeez.
    ACW: No, not even a bit.

  10. We name our computers too. My laptop is Sarasvati.
    And hey, Songbird is lucky PL will even let her TOUCH his laptop. In my household that is not the case. We’re married and share Very Personal Things, but the laptops are just too too!

  11. Pure Luck, perhaps YOU can tell me why Firefox will not play videos (only some) for me despite the fact that I have said, “Yes please download whatever plug-in/extension you need to make this work” on numerous occasions. And then I am FORCED to use Internet Spyware Explorer. (I’m still laughing!!!) Here, let me just get my coffee out of the way and you can help me…

  12. My laptop is called Sojourner and my desktop (even though the computer itself is under the desk) is Orthanc (it’s tall and black).
    Marie: I have no clue. I use firefox because I hate popups and spyware, not because it is easier to use. Sometimes I have trouble just trying to re-arrange folders. Plugins? ::shoulder shrug::

  13. I want to clarify that Pure Luck has no objection to blogging pictures of cats. He doesn’t want the cat to blog with me by sitting next to the computer and dropping fur and dander onto it (as happens to mine all.the.time.).

  14. I really do understand pure luck. Want to see me go crazy mad. Just let the kids come near my laptop. No touchy the laptop. I don’t have a name for it, but after this, I have got to come up with one. LOL.
    this is just to much for one’s laugher quota for the day. I love it. I have to keep checking back.

  15. lol, Pure luck, lol…
    I feel that it is time to come out of the laptop naming closet and let you all know that the ‘TDH’ I tend to blog about is actually the name for my laptop, not my husband.

  16. Our computers are named:
    Phil From Heck
    Can you guess which one is mine?

  17. I am wondering when Pure Luck leaves to go to work. Not that I am saying you should break his rules while he is gone. I was just curious. YES! That’s it! Curious!

  18. Mindy: No luck there (as it were). When I go, the laptop comes with me. That is why it is named as it is.

  19. I read the post, then these comments and am laughing so loudly that P.P. Puppy flew into my study to see what’s going on!
    PureLuck? Where is YOUR blog? People want to know…

  20. Oh, Songbird, I’m so sorry. I went without my laptop for several weeks in June while the Geek Squad labored over it. It’s like trying to do without coffee or ice cream. Neither of which I consume in the vicinity of the laptop. Really. I promise…

  21. Well susan if you want to risk those core dumps which require system wipes then that is your decision.

  22. I dunno, I kind of liked the circles and parentheses one… I’m just sayin’. I do identify with this. The reason I have a laptop is because I do not play well with other. No, you may not leave your annoying little icons all over my desktop. Icons go in the taskbar at the bottom of the desktop. But only MY icons. No, you may not download ridiculous games and accompanying spyware, adware, etc. on my computer. No, you may not mess up my entire filing system with your useless, I mean very important, stuff. Yeah, no touchy the laptop. No freakin’ touchy!!

  23. Ummm, did that last comment make me sound a little nuts? Cause really, I’m just a big softie. Unless you get near my laptop…

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