Vacation, Week 2

I have a sore shoulder, perhaps exacerbated by reaching for endless cups of coffee while driving last week, and it is interfering with important vacation activities such as blogging and knitting and playing computer solitaire, forcing one to read a book. Obviously, something must be done.

This morning I called the massage therapist. She has seen me through such crises as the summer my tension was so great that I could hardly turn my head (1997) and the years I was commuting to seminary in a minivan scaled too large for me and straining my shoulders (2000-2001) and the pain in my hip brought about by the need for a new bed (2003-2004). 

I opened my calendar to see when I might be available and saw something I never ever see: AN ABSOLUTELY BLANK WEEK!!!

I love vacation.

23 thoughts on “Vacation, Week 2”

  1. So, I just pulled out my calendar to check. My next week with nothing written on it is Dec. 31 to Jan. 6.
    Enjoy yourself, enjoy life…and rest in whatever way feeds your whole being.

  2. When I broke my foot seven years ago (as opposed to when I broke my other foot two years ago) I was in a hard cast for 3 weeks and a removeable one for three more. When I finished, my range of motion in that ankle was severely reduced, a fact that bothered my orthopedic surgeon not at all b/c muscles and therapy are Somebody Else’s Problem. Luckily a group I belong to had just had a talk from a massage therapist and I’d won a free hour massage as a doorprize. It took four sessions, but she managed to release all the frozen tendons or ligaments or whatever. Bless her, she is the reason I walk normally today.

  3. Don’t you just LOVE that blank calendar? I love the look of my calendar the day that school ends. And I dread it on the day school begins! 🙂
    Happy vacationing, and get that shoulder some rest!

  4. “I decided to bake a Texas sheet cake instead of knitting. Just because I can.”
    Izzat the one with the thick chocolate frosting that’s almost fudge?

  5. Yes, it is. It took five tries to get buttermilk, as none of the convenient (read: convenience) stores had it, and my attempt to avoid a major grocery chain was a failure. But the cake is now underway. Meanwhile, #2 Son has decided to teach his sister to play Jazz Piano, in the hope that she will accompany his clarinet. So far, so good.

  6. I sure wouldn’t talk too much about that blank calendar – it’s a sure fire way of having to put something on there… so shhhhhhh….. be verry verry quiet about having nothing to do this week…

  7. Hmm. Looks like you need instructions in proper care and feeding of a calendar. How do you expect the poor thing to survive a whole week with nothing to chew on?

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