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From a Remote, Undisclosed Location

I’m blogging from the home of will smama, hostess extraordinaire. Despite her protestations to the contrary, her home is attractive and welcoming, and it is a delight to be with her. (The amount of wine poured last night has nothing to do with this assessment.)

Young Will is a handsome toddler who received a guest with surprising equanimity. I also had the pleasure of meeting his aunt, who greeted me while will smama was playing in a church softball game.

The dog here is my new best friend. (Ssh, don’t tell Molly and Sam!) He was also part of the greeting committee and sat nicely for the Milk Bone I whisked out of my purse. He makes great eye contact! And his brown eyes are very pretty.

I’m learning to understand Country Wireless. It tells me I am not connected while offering me the opportunity to disconnect, which means I’m connected. Do we understand this?

Today we are going to buy phones for the manse, eat Thai food for lunch and have a cookout with RevGal book contributor and frequent commentator apstraight. Meanwhile, we are discussing all the pressing issues two clergywomen must and having a really wonderful time getting to know each other.

In fact, I’m having such a good time drinking coffee and being served an omelet that I haven’t called home yet this morning. Pure Luck, if you’re reading this, I’ll call you later!

21 thoughts on “From a Remote, Undisclosed Location”

  1. Ah, so you haven’t called because you are all Thaied up eh? I see how it is now, wine, women and dogs. I’ll try not to tell Molly and Sam about how you have totally forgotten them (not that Molly would care of course since all people on earth are FoM). Enjoy yourself and get your yearly ration of southeast Asian food.

  2. A visit with will smama and her sister, an adorable boy, a sweet dog, and Thai food. This sounds like an awesome day!!

  3. I’m afraid the standard of hospitality will plummet once you get across the pond…and the terrible things I write about Dillon are sadly all too true…so I’m even gladder that everything is peachy with Will Smama!
    Love to you both xx

  4. You’re right, Songbird. Pure Luck does have a way with words!! He’s a puny guy!
    My pup says that if you make a little further south, bring your Milkbone purse.
    Jealous like the rest!

  5. You are a delightful guest and we were honored to have supper with you…. Thank you!

  6. That would be ‘punny’ (rhymes with ‘funny’) actually. Songbird can verify that I am not ‘puny’ (rhymes with ‘loony’).
    This has been a public service announcement from the Society of English Majors. Look for them at your local restaurant.

  7. Pure Luck would likely have no way of knowing this, but the Betsy-Tacy books (the ones where the girls are in high school) feature a woman whose HIGHEST compliment is that someone is “puny.” Yep, spelled like that & pronounced that way.
    I personally think PL is both puny and punny. My DH has a bad dose of same. Lord help us.
    Jealous? Well, sure. But you’re coming to Texas next, right? 🙂 Hmm? Just not until November or so. It’s too darn HOT now.

  8. Mary Beth, I love those books! The Princess read them last year, or at least got Betsy to high school. I can’t remember if she got all the way to Betsy’s Wedding. But we have them whenever she feels like reading them.
    So perhaps we can accept “puny” in that respect. 🙂

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