Mid-life Crisis

Adding Insult to Injury

It’s been very hot here the past few days, and I have a sunburn to boot, and my car is in the shop with a broken air conditioner and has to have new tires and various filters, too, and we were part of a localized Internet/cable/digital phone outage for about 10 hours today, all of which made me cranky.

But the worst moment of all came when #1 Son and I went to the fancy-schmancy whole foods store to buy sushi after I came home from a meeting tonight. When the cashier handed me the receipt I looked down and saw these words:


And what a smug expression she had on her face as she gave this old lady her due. Due in about, oh, I don’t know, ten years?

I was getting carded well into my 30’s, and it was just a couple of years ago that the guy at the coffee shop asked if #1 Son and I were brother and sister. I have to admit this was a blow.


(But I did not offer to give back the $2.37.)

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  1. laughing.
    I can’t wait to get the senior discount!
    Right now I have a student card (most useful for the train discount -50% also in Canada – way to go!!!)
    At this rate there won’t be too long a gap between trading my student discount for the OAP one.
    Goldie Oldies …. 🙂 But I hate sushi. Finns eat a lot of raw fish too. Yuk!

  2. When I was at work in Maryland this past spring I asked a coworker how old he thought I was. He said 60. I am 43. I have always looked older than my chronological age (people were asking me to buy them alcohol when I was 17), but I thought the gift of 17 years an exceptionally generous one.

  3. Hey, we started getting the discount at 45 (on some things) and have never looked back. It’s a blast to pay less for insurance, etc, and I’m looking forward to free university tuition at 65 (a few years yet).

  4. Do you suppose it’s one of those things where they are told to give it to anyone they think looks 50 or above? I know that in our state cashiers are instructed to card anyone they think looks younger than 30, even though the drinking age is 21. But to think I looked under 30 at 34 and now look over 50 at 45—AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
    (I’m still having trouble with this.)

  5. My dad LIVED for the day he turned ‘senior’. Until he realized that they didn’t get as much food in their menu items.

  6. Oh for pity’s sake. YOU DO NOT LOOK LIKE YOU’RE OVER 50!
    That clerk was just having a senior moment. I think the trauma it caused you, however, was worth at LEAST $2.37.

  7. Actually I think it was an act of generosity -or a slip of the thumb when she entered the total on the till (grin)
    either way I hope you tithe the generous discount (grin) Just what is 10% of $2.37 – oh yeah a quarter – your church will be very grateful for your and the cashier’s generosity (laughing so hard it hurts!)
    be blessed. This is a time to celebrate 🙂 not pout. She gave you a discount. Who cares why ? (grin)

  8. I’m sorry this happened. All the stuff.
    Hope today is much better.
    The first time I was offered the Senior Diss I was insulted until I realized that the cashier was 12 and that I was being offered 5% off my groceriesl

  9. Ouch!
    My husband is 56. I’m your age. I sometimes get the Senior Discount By Association. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

  10. The clerk needs new contact lenses or glasses, obviously.
    Sorry to hear about the a/c in the car. It always happens on the hottest days. Just like the furnace goes out on the coldest nights.
    Kick up heels, and let the dust fall from your sandals!

  11. Obviously, that cashier needs glasses. You’re perfect just the way you are, and certainly don’t look *old*.
    I can empathize on the pain and suffering that her assumption fostered — one of my students once guessed my age (35) as “82.” The very young (which this cashier obviously was) tend to think older people are just plain ancient.

  12. I just turned 50 and have already received THREE letters from AARP! I want to ask them if they have any idea how long it will be before I’m a Retired Person!
    Recently a young teacher at our church school called me “ma’am”. Very depressing.

  13. Ha!!!!
    I have a big grey streak, and people sometimes ask if CG is my granddaughter, but I’ve never gotten a sr discount!

  14. Ouch! I wonder if that clerk has failed to give actual seniors their discount. Maybe she’s over-correcting…
    In any case, shame on her for not knowing that our Songbird is still a young chick!

  15. For shame on that young clerk. Was she trying to hit up on your son then?
    Hope the car is healed. OUCH for the burn, no fun. And internet outage. I just don’t see the $2.37 making up for all that.
    Hope it gets better for one young chick like you.

  16. You and I are just about the same age … WE ARE AT OUR PRIME!
    The heat is making everyone here miserable too ….

  17. We were at a restaurant the other day where they made everyone at the table show ID when we ordered a pitcher of beer. We were all well past 30, so this seemed like overzealousness on the server’s part. Re the Senior Discount, I figure it’s only a matter of time….

  18. Here’s the thing, Songbird. You didn’t look old to the clerk–you merely exuded wisdom beyond your years!

  19. My guess is that the clerk was 16. She, like everyone of that generation, thinks anyone past 30 is a senior citizen. Think of her (and her inevitable tattoos) sinking southward in twenty years…that’s enough revenge right there!

  20. I have a friend who is a year younger than me….we both have gray hair and have for years. She gets offered the sr. discount often, but I never do….I don’t get it.
    I do think mibi’s theory is a good one though.
    And I was once asked if I was the Kid’s grandmother…that was cold.

  21. Oh, now that’s cold! And you only saved 2 bucks to boot. Sheesh. If she’s going to put you through that, they need to make it more worth the trauma.

  22. Recovering from internet outage here too…and flabberghasted and appalled on your behalf. Do you want me to send Dillon, the ever barking Jack Russell, round to sort out that cashier???
    Hugs and loves xxxx

  23. Key slip. Key slip. Key slip. Just keep saying it. It’s the only rational explanation. Even if it happened again, it would prove that the key is in an easy place to hit by mistake on a lot of registers.

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