Dogger Meet-ups

Several years ago, when Molly was still a puppy, I was driving on a residential street in City By the Sea and saw, playing in the snow, a dog I thought might be a Berner. By the time I drove another block, it became apparent that she was actually a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. They are a short-haired breed with similar markings to Bernese Mountain Dogs, but a short coat instead of the long double coat Berners have. This did not stop me from rolling down the window and introducing myself to her person, who seemed a bit shocked by my forwardness, but let me meet Hannah, who put her paws up and her face right next to mine.

About a year ago, Pure Luck came back from a walk and said, “I met Hannah.” I had to think hard to figure out what who he meant, but after a brief delay I exclaimed, “Hannah the Swissy?”

On Palm Sunday, a charming family came to visit our church. They introduced themselves as neighbors of a church member, inquired about membership and baptism for their young son, and then asked if the Bernese Mountain Dogs in the back of a Volvo in the parking lot were mine? Yes, I said, would you like to meet them?

After the pancake breakfast that followed worship, I went outside with them and got the dogs.

“Wait! We know these dogs!” Yes, these were the people of Hannah the Swissy.

I’m not saying the dogs were the only reason, but today they joined Small Church and I baptized their son.

As Molly would say, “Wroo-wroo!!” It’s a happy day.

13 thoughts on “Dogger Meet-ups”

  1. Oh, what a great story — I can’t imagine my puggle being anything more than a nuisance…. adorable, but a bit excitable when folks come to park in the back lot at church and he’s in our backyard!

  2. RM ours is really DD’s … but we forget that. Hubby has plans for to have puppies in the autumn – God help us all! (grin) I’m theoretically against the idea but most of the time I can’t quite remember why. We will keep ONLY one!!!! you read it here first!
    Songbird – I love this. We didn’t have Mindy at new-wine but we had eija’s newest … called Pepe … and droves of kids, and adults came to speak to us.
    And some tough youth too, who then sat down with me and had some tough Godly questions. God is good – thanks be he created dogs as well as people.

  3. Someone once asked in my Phoebe was a Berner. I’ve also been asked if she was an Australian Shepherd and a Border Collie. Most of the time I just say she’s a black & white dog, except that she has little light brown eyebrows and some light brown markings like your Molly’s (different color) on her snout. She loves everyone, and her tail wags just like the graphic. And you should see how she can put a calf back with the herd! One of these days I’ll get a picture up. Love your new template, by the way.

  4. A new look!!!
    Even when we trust the person who cares for our four-legged companions, we just don’t like to leave them behind. I feel bad everytime I drop them off, even when I know that they are in good, trusting and caring hands.
    Ahh, you’re crossing the pond. LH and I will be going to Scotland but not England in Sept./Oct. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to spend a weekend at Iona.
    Have a most graced and wonderful trip.

  5. A friend and I often travel with her two golden retrievers and my Maltese in the car. They really are ambassadors of goodwill — the retrievers love everyone, and my dog (who doesn’t love everyone) is so cute and goofy bouncing around in the car with the “big girls” that people always stop and ask about him.

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